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Power Seamless Transition to Cloud with HCLTech Cloud Bridge

HCLTech Cloud Bridge is a suite of intelligent cloud engineering solutions designed to accelerate your cloud migration and modernization journey. Cloud Bridge suite of solutions help in:

  • Migration and modernization of existing products or services
  • Refactoring to take advantage of cloud services
  • Enabling smooth containerization and deployment
  • Lowering cloud spends / costs

With best-in-class flexibility, scalability and security features, Cloud Bridge is tailored to meet the needs of enterprises in all stages of their cloud journey and help them derive business value.


Comprehensive Suite of Industry-Ready Cloud Solutions

HCLTech Cloud Bridge comprises a suite of independent solution accelerators built on agile, DevOps, Gen AI, low-code and no-code principles that integrate seamlessly to drive end-to-end cloud transformation.


Recommend wave planning while accelerating portfolio assessment by up to 65%.


Modernize monolith based on AI led automated assessment for informed transformation that saves efforts up to 30%.


Simplify workload containerization and perform container vulnerability assessment with up to 100% automation of workflow.


Low code microservice generator with configurable templates reduces development cycle time up to 40%.


Enable Infrastructure as Code (IaC) automation and workload provisioning for multi-cloud and on-prem with up to 80% reduction in deployment effort.


Cloud cost optimization solution powered by advanced recommendation rule engine with up to 25% cost saving in cloud services spend.


A cutting-edge API and functional documentation solution powered by Generative AI and LLM. CodeSense revolutionizes API, functional and call trace documentation, leading to 40 % effort reduction in gaining monolith insights.


Our Service Offerings

Monolith re-engineering

Harness the power of GenAI and LLM to demystify large monolith systems.

Migration strategy

Derive insights and recommend the best R (re-host, re-platform, re-architect) strategy for your monolithic workloads.

Monolith to microservices transition

Transform monolith workloads into cloud-ready microservices architectures.

Cloud native modernization

Achieve accelerated modernization with an end-to-end integrated journey from assessment to deployment.

Cloud native engineering

Accelerate green field cloud-native development using low-code development principles.


Observability and cloud spend optimization recommendation for IaaS and PaaS

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