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CKA is a scalable, one-stop for the enterprise to leverage large language models to boost productivity with use cases like chatbots, code generation, summarization and more.

  • Generates insights and summaries from enterprise knowledge (documents, emails, tickets, Jira, etc.) and produces synthetic data
  • Presents relevant knowledge in customizable form and integrates with applications
  • Provides a private and fully segregated environment
  • Works with third-party LLMs (e.g. OpenAI) and open-source implementations (e.g. LLaMA) or a synthesis of both
  • Provides auditable, traceable responses

Easily navigate vast enterprise data to unlock unprecedented responsiveness in insight retrieval and decision-making.


CKA Benefits

CKA enables the enterprise to quickly assemble actionable insights from organizational knowledge using natural language, effectively eliminating information silos and empowering users to produce higher-quality, more innovative work faster.

This best-in-class retrieval augmented generation suite greatly improves productivity for both technical and business users, giving them more time and freedom to work on higher-value jobs.

Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Achieve a 30-50% improvement in employee effectiveness by empowering users to quickly surface actionable insights from organizational knowledge using natural language.

Make better decisions

Make better decisions

Generate relevant, comprehensive and accurate insights faster to enable more impactful decision-making.

Ensure security and compliance

Ensure security and compliance

Completely isolate enterprise data from external APIs and apply owner-level restrictions.

Improve customer service

Improve customer service

Speed up customer issue resolution by quickly retrieving a comprehensive and weighted list of relevant knowledge items.

Promote collaboration

Promote collaboration

Break down silos and centralize knowledge to drive collaborative knowledge discovery between teams.


CKA Use Cases

CKA unlocks the benefits of easily accessible and actionable data for a broad range of enterprise functions to facilitate the development of better products and drive more effective decisions


Generate reports and summaries from comprehensive data on demand to promote engagement with data, identify patterns and trends and improve the quality and timeliness of business-critical decisions.


Automate report and insight generation from large datasets and leverage AI-augmented pattern and trend identification.

AI/ML development

Generate synthetic data for training machine learning models at scale and automate tasks like data cleaning, feature engineering and base code generation to create models.

Data engineering

Boost optimization capability by automating time-consuming tasks like data pipeline creation and deployment and improve data governance by inferring process and data ownership.

Data visualization

Generate fresh ideas and assets for visualizations to help users better understand and engage with data to derive insights more effectively.

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