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Elements for Tableau

Analyze, Discuss and Enrich Your Data Experience

Elements for Tableau transforms dashboards from a data-consumer experience into a hub of actionable collaboration where teams can analyze, discuss and enrich data together directly in the Tableau experience, eliminating inefficiencies like resorting to emails and other external collaboration tools.

  • Enables annotating complex aggregated and raw data along with its dimensions
  • Managed data source option available for easy deployment and maintenance
  • Easy-to-use form builder with multiple input field types helps streamline workflows
  • Excel integration enables exporting and importing formatted tables for bulk editing and more
  • Dashboard attachments introduce file manager functionality to Tableau

Make data easy to access, share, discuss and act on.


Elements for Tableau Benefits

With Elements for Tableau, your team can gain faster and better insights, improving decision-making ability across every function of the organization by eliminating inefficient and difficult-to-manage data review and communication processes.

Elements for Tableau makes it easy to tailor collaborative data analysis to the requirements of individual teams and use cases, streamlining data-related discussions and processes by keeping them in a single place while ensuring enterprise-grade security, compliance and access control.

Improve insight discovery

Improve insight discovery

Enable collaboration to take place directly in your dashboards to promote team engagement with data and more frequent discovery of deeper insights

Make better decisions, faster

Make better decisions, faster

Create customized Tableau-based workflows that better serve the unique needs of users and management to improve time to decision and organizational effectiveness

Ensure security and compliance

Ensure security and compliance

Keep your data safe by storing annotations in a separate database and leverage compliance-ready features to meet the needs of the most demanding industries


Elements for Tableau Components

Elements for Tableau elevates the Tableau experience with a deeply customizable feature set designed to meet the needs of users across every level and function.

Talk to an expert about how Elements for Tableau can integrate with your environment and use cases.

Data annotation

Tailor data annotations to any use case: From simple comments on a data point to sophisticated survey forms, teams can create custom UIs and workflows inside Tableau dashboards.

Tags and notifications

Leverage a flexible tagging and notification system to ensure that users never miss an important message, update or task. Notifications readily support email, Teams and Slack, and their channel and content can be customized for each data point.

Access management

Provide easy and quick access to powerful access management tools and custom authentication methods. Create customized workspaces with unique database configurations and permission levels to control who sees what data.

Excel importing and exporting

Export tables from Tableau, bulk edit them in Excel and load them back through the extension to have all their newly added annotations/edits available inside Tableau.