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Unveiling The Future Of Mechanical and Manufacturing Industry

In the era of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, mechanical and manufacturing design companies must prioritize improving R&D, enhancing product engineering and development life cycles and emphasizing time-to-profit.

Staying ahead today calls for disruptive innovations in product design and development.

We have expertise in holistic mechanical engineering and design solutions across multiple industries, facilitating complex mechanical design and product development. Our process efficiency and accelerators help reduce time-to-market while boosting their market penetration.

Unveiling The Future Of Mechanical and Manufacturing Industry

Empowering Mechanical Design Innovation

We provide mechanical engineering and design services best-in-class lab infrastructure support covering entire product development lifecycle and detailed benchmarking for valuable engineering outcomes. Our services include:




Design/Engineering analysis


Engineering change management


Manufacturing engineering

Obsolescence management


Our Industry Focused Practices

Our expertise ranges from implementing, maintaining and customizing PDM and PLM tools and mechanical package solutions for mechanical design customers. Some of the key features of our services include:

Engineering DNA

The strength of our brand lies in our consistency of over 45+ years of service in developing complex engineering solutions and designs for mechanical engineering customers.

Dedicated domain-specific expertise

We have a world-class dedicated domain-specific practices in aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, hi-tech, life sciences and other industries.

End-to-end capabilities

We offer holistic mechanical package solutions for all requirements, from industrial design and mechanical engineering design services to CAE/CAM, documentation, prototyping, testing and manufacturing.

Hands-on experience

We have proven expertise in implementing efficient ECO solutions for complex products and services.

Cost benefits

H○ Our dedicated ODCs and domain-specific certified testing labs ensure reduced TCO and full lifecycle services for mechanical designing clients can provide cost savings of up to 45%.

Case Studies

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Experience faster design, reduced turnaround time and improved RoI with our comprehensive mechanical engineering offering.