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Building Resilient Businesses Through Sustainability Engineering

With a growing focus on climate change and net zero, sustainability has become a strategic priority for enterprises. We at HCLTech partner with organizations by delivering sustainability outcomes in their products and operations, improving their customer value propositions through carbon-efficient solutions while also bringing significant savings in material and energy costs.

Our sustainability engineering portfolio provides comprehensive services across the value chain, right from product engineering to sustainability ops.



Building Resilient Businesses Through Sustainability Engineering

Our Solutions and Accelerators

Our industry-pioneered sustainability solutions and accelerators are customized to meet the sustainability requirements of our clients across the industries to help them meet regulatory compliances and design sustainable products.

Design for Sustainability (DFS)

The DFS framework enables customers to improve product sustainability metrics and performance across the product lifecycle through best-in-class design practices.


A customized sustainable packaging solution enabling customers in the areas of design optimization, environment-friendly packaging and smart labeling.

Net Zero Intelligent Operations (NIO)

A comprehensive energy and GHG emission management solution helping enterprises become more sustainable, cost and energy-efficient to reduce their carbon emissions.


A physics-based digital twin solution for factory spaces and buildings providing real-time insights on energy consumption, solar radiation, heating and cooling loads and indoor air quality.

Product Carbon Footprint Optimizer

A digital solution that simulates, manages and optimizes product carbon footprints and manufacturing costs through real-time collaboration and project-specific configurations.

SCI Meter

SCI meter utilizes the SCI guidance framework to calculate and reduce the software carbon intensity (SCI) score for applications across various hardware.

Carbon Emission Dashboard

This captures the carbon footprints of cloud resources CPU, memory and storage used in Microsoft Azure to help reduce the overall software carbon footprint of cloud resources.


Sustainability Offerings Across the Value Chain

Leverage our sustainability engineering services to craft measurable sustainability for your enterprise.

Sustainability Consulting

Assess key stakeholders for decarbonization and stay compliant with global regulations for product sustainability

  • Sustainability impact and capability maturity assessment
  • Eco-design advisory
  • Global sustainability compliance
  • Decarbonization consulting

Sustainable Product Engineering

Design new-age physical and digital products, making them more reliable, reusable, recyclable and accessible

  • Design for sustainability
  • Life cycle assessment and environmental product declarations
  • Green software engineering
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Accessibility engineering

Sustainable Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Monitor, manage and reduce emissions and wastage across manufacturing & supply chains

  • Plant efficiency optimization
  • Digital twins for sustainability
  • Sustainable sourcing and optimization

Sustainability Operations

Create new sustainability outcomes across your operations through next-gen technologies

  • Sustainable mobility
  • AI for sustainability
  • Blockchain for sustainability

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Let’s create a sustainable future together by minimizing environmental footprint and achieving net-zero carbon emissions.