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Clarity PPM Services

Do more and get more with Clarity PPM. Our leading experts help guide the way.

The Enterprise Studio team for Clarity PPM (formerly CA Project Portfolio Management) helps organizations of all sizes and sophistication achieve better business outcomes through stronger solution adoption and improved PPM maturity levels, for increased value.

Our Clarity PPM experts can help you:

  • Access exclusive research, tools, tips and offers available only from Enterprise Studio
  • Achieve business transformation goals
  • Increase solution adoption
  • Prioritize and implement new capabilities
  • Integrate PPM with agile practices and tools
  • Empower users at all levels through coaching and enablement

We work with you to align project goals with outcomes that have the highest priority and greatest value in your organization. Enterprise Studio delivers leading practices and field-tested approaches for the value you need from Clarity PPM.

Advisory and Consulting Services


Enterprise Studio will help you extend PPM capabilities, foster greater solution adoption and PPM best practices, and increase PPM maturity.

Packaged Solutions

Extend Clarity PPM with this portfolio of pre-built and tailored offerings for integration, data integrity, resource management and financial management.


Put your data to work with innovative portlets and reporting for fresh insights from your Clarity PPM data.

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Technical Expertise


Whether deploying Clarity PPM for the first time or extending your implementation with new capabilities, count on our experts.


Move forward faster and with less effort. Benefit from the latest enhancements, evaluate options and remove complexity to achieve your business outcomes.


Considering a move to SaaS? We will help you evaluate options, implement the solution and remove unwarranted complexity to pursue greater PPM maturity.

Application Management Services

Application Management Services for Clarity PPM provide flexible options for expert monitoring, management and operations, in the cloud or on premises.

About Our Experts

Our certified and industry-leading experts set the standard with unmatched technical skills balanced with advisory, consulting, and coaching expertise. The world's leading companies depend on us to get it done - from the right solution fit to preparing environments and training team talent. We incorporate the human factor into the enterprise systems and solutions you depend on for gaining insights to make informed decisions, and are dedicated to helping you progress from potential, to possibilities, to better outcomes.

Ready to talk about how we can help your organization?

Our team is ready to start the conversation with you about your organisation - and how we can create a successful future together.

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About Enterprise Studio

Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies provides IT solutions and services to thousands of customers across many industries. We specialize in helping organizations address the challenges of optimizing their technology and transformations.

We use a blend of deep technical skills, advisory and consulting expertise to help you navigate the complexities that come with competing in an inter-connected world. By addressing IT challenges while enabling business and cultural transformation, your IT and business teams can achieve better, more predictable outcomes with long-lasting benefits.

Our global team across North America, Europe, Latin America, India, Australia, and Asia has a relentless focus on customer centricity. Our team’s expertise, built upon decades of experience across digital advisory consulting, IT business management (ITBM), cybersecurity, and AIOps, can help you move quickly from idea to value as you build, integrate and adopt resilient enterprise solutions.