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Clarity PPM Migration Services

Clarity PPM SaaS Migration to Google Cloud Platform

Broadcom announced on Oct 25, 2019 their intentions to migrate Clarity PPM SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) to the Google Cloud Platform™ service (GCP). The migration project is scheduled to begin on January 1, 2020, with a target completion of June 30, 2020.

We know you and other affected customers have many questions and concerns.

Enterprise Studio is at the forefront of this important initiative. We have been selected to lead the project alongside Broadcom, building the Clarity PPM SaaS migration factory, approach, and strategies. Our specialists will be working across key stages of the migration using proprietary tools and processes for database conversion, refactoring, testing and go-live, training and enablement.

For an initiative this important, you need more than just a guide – you need an ally.

We can advise you of your options and develop the right plan to put your decisions into action. We hope the confidence Broadcom has placed in Enterprise Studio as both their preferred partner for professional services and the chosen partner for the first phase the Clarity PPM SaaS migration to GCP will encourage you to take your next steps with confidence.

This project spans organizations of every size and complexity. Our direct involvement in developing the plan and approach can be to your advantage. Whether you are a large organization with a large user base, high volumes of data and high number of customizations or have minimal customizations and a smaller user base, we are uniquely positioned and prepared with comprehensive strategies, solutions and stringent standards for getting your organization launch-ready and executing the migration plan.

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We have options specifically developed for nearly any circumstance arising from the migration to GCP.

Other Clarity PPM Migration Services

On-Premises to SaaS Migration Services for PPM help organizations assess their current on–premises deployment, evaluate risks and opportunities in migrating to SaaS, and execute the migration.

Technical and Functional Discovery

To gauge migration complexity and scope, we collect data about configurations, integrations and other interfaces, reports, dashboards and PPM processes. We determine how the solution is currently used, if the solution can be migrated to SaaS and which items require remediation to comply with SaaS standards. We also use this data for upgrade planning.

Health Checks

These include cross-functional sessions and interviews to collect feedback from administrators, users and other stakeholders to better understand how they currently use the solution, any unmet needs and challenges and the PPM processes and technical infrastructure.


Recommend and plan

Working with the data, the team analyzes, segments and prioritizes collective feedback, shares findings and evaluates short– and long–term improvement opportunities.

The Enterprise Studio team reports findings, and presents schedule and scoping estimates and assumptions to business and IT stakeholders to discuss options, dependencies and next steps.

Execute SaaS migration

We execute the migration based on the choice you select from the options listed in the Features section. Depending on the complexity of your existing PPM implementation and longer-term objectives, we will migrate the solution using either a Fresh Start, Selective or As-Is approach.


Enterprise Studio validates the solution, performs remediation where necessary, plans adoption checkpoints and PPM maturity improvements, and prepares for solution monitoring.

Key Outcomes


Reduce costs

Streamline operations, compress disparate systems and cut unwarranted customizations.


Achieve additional value

Leverage automation, standardize best practices and deploy additional PPM capabilities.


Maintain Compliance

Adhere to in-house and industry standards across security, financial and governmental requirements.

Key Features and Deliverables

  • Functional and technical migration assessments to support the transition from legacy customizations to preferred, out-of-the-box solution capabilities.
  • Impact assessment to gauge readiness of people, processes and technology.
  • Risk mitigation planning.
  • Three options for migration execution and go-live:
    • Fresh start: Reset your PPM solution and discard unwarranted customizations to fully leverage and optimize your PPM investment.
    • Selective: Redirect your energies from application support to broaden PPM user adoption and maturity using key aspects of your existing solution.
    • As-is: Migrate existing PPM data from the on-premises system, presuming all settings are SaaS compliant.