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Security Consulting Services

Our Team

  • Expert resources, worldwide
  • Global workforce with diverse experience
  • Key certifications and industry expertise
  • Average 15 years’ experience implementing Symantec solutions
  • Access to resources in Enterprise Studio, HCL Technologies, and Broadcom for extended support


  • Design and architecture
  • Install, configure, and optimize
  • Process and procedure development
  • Lifecycle program development
  • Residency services: full-time and fractional


  • Cyber maturity and risk assessment
  • Business continuity planning
  • Policy development and review
  • ICS/IoT assessment
  • SOC Assess/Design/Review
  • Product Integration Maturity Assessments

Security Consulting Services

Symantec consulting services at Enterprise Studio by HCL Technologies is the leading provider and preferred services partner for Broadcom Symantec Enterprise Security solutions. Our consultants are among the most experienced Symantec security experts in the world, providing training, proactive planning and risk management, and deployment, configuration and assessment solutions.

We have the experience, expertise and industry intelligence that can help you better architect, design, implement and optimize your security solutions and processes. Using our knowledge of threats, our consultants utilize the unique value of Symantec products to implement a stronger security infrastructure. We guide you toward solutions that match the outcomes you are striving to achieve, and we leave your teams with the knowledge to maintain and mature your security environment on their own when an engagement concludes.


Interactive workshops for increasing understanding of the current state of the market, empowering business expansion, program maturity, architecture maturity, policy compliance, reporting capabilities, automation/orchestration, and other integrated cyber defense elements that impact your security portfolio.

These workshops can lead to outcomes such as improved user experience, increased quality and value of the data used to drive decisions and charting business processes and workflow automation implementations that may help reduce effort.

Program Assessment

Whether you are developing from the ground-up, or need a review and recommendations, our consultants can provide guidance on how structure your security program. Assessments typically include defining goals, governance structure, defining/creating process and procedures, defining how to integrate both technical and operationally with other IT and security solutions, and working with your teams for a strong, long-term viable, security program.

Design Services

This engagement helps you gather requirements, develop a security architecture and deliver a detailed strategic and technical design in support of your security solution implementation.

Regulatory and Data Element Assessment

Understand the current state of data element risk across your business – whether local, regional, national or global. Insights into what data elements are critical to your operations, regulations that impact you, where data elements intersect with these regulations, impact to the business if these elements were breach, and where these elements are located.

Includes workshops, documents review, empirical testing using our tools to find and validate data element location.

Adoption Services

Phased engagement for stakeholder management, process optimization, user preparation, training and education, communication planning, performance management, baselines.

Custom Education and Knowledge Transfer

1-2 week engagement assesses current skills and identifies possible gaps. Our experts spend time with staff for functional knowledge transfer sessions and recommend appropriate training.

Trusted Advisor

At-your-service advisory service for your unique needs. Guidance for solution management tasks or implementation, available in one-week increments.

Trusted Advisor services are ongoing services that bring the elements of years of domain expertise coupled with transparency to help you solve critical business problems with leading technologies.

Our trusted advisor relationships have a solid track record of delivering positive business outcomes and technology leadership.


Symantec resident consultants are product specialists who fill the need for dedicated, hands-on technical expertise and thought leadership to operate, support and enhance Symantec solutions.

Benefit from solid security strategies for risk avoidance based on a custom program that views the entire security posture and architecture.Our experts will spend time with staff for functional knowledge transfer sessions, and recommend the appropriate Education courses most relevant to your needs.

Plus, these experts can extend the strength of your team talent, optimize Symantec solutions, and access the broader bench of Symantec, Enterprise Studio and HCL resources, experience and tools.

Symantec Technical Services

Implementation Services

Our consultants are respected for their deep experience in architecting, deploying, and operationalizing the Symantec security portfolio. Services include architecture, design, implementation, configuration, and tuning services for deployments that provide coverage that can support efficient response and reporting.

Health Checks

Improve operational efficiency, identify opportunities for improved performance and reduce overall risk with regular reviews of current state Symantec product architecture, deployment, policies, and programs.

Review of the technical structure of the deployed solution and the functionality provided, review operational strategy and procedures, and conduct a training needs analysis of the support staff.

Upgrade Services

Keeping current on product releases can deliver measurable benefit when you take advantage of new functionality and features to make security a competitive advantage.

Upgrade Assessments

Plan for your upgrade to the current product release with a 2-3 week service that can speed up transition and migration planning with disciplined and proven assessment practices.

Recommendations are incorporated into a migration strategy and plan designed to minimize risk and service disruption.

Upgrade Assistance

We can work with your team to help you make an efficient transition to the current product release. Our experts provide a clear upgrade approach designed to reduce both the risk and the burden on your staff so you can focus on your business.

Our technical services focus on integrating, operationalizing and transitioning the solution to your team and benchmarking against the Symantec Maturity model.

By engaging early, we can better evaluate how Symantec technology is being used in critical areas, benchmarking current state and desired state. During production deployment, we then take a back seat so your resources can lead while lowering overall costs.




Endpoint Security
Semantic Technical Services
  • Symantec Endpoint Security Complete
  • Symantec End-user Endpoint Security
  • Symantec Server Security
  • Symantec Endpoint Management
Network Security
Semantic Technical Services
  • Symantec Secure Web Gateway
  • Symantec Messaging Gateway
  • Symantec Encrypted Traffic Management
Information Security
Semantic Technical Services
  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention
  • Symantec CloudSOC CASB
  • Symantec Secure Access Cloud
  • Symantec Encryption
  • Symantec Control Compliance Suite
Identity Security
Semantic Technical Services
  • Symantec Privileged Access Management
  • Symantec SiteMinde
  • Symantec VIP for mobile and web apps
  • Symantec Identity and Governance Administration (IGA)
  • Symantec Directory
  • Symantec Advanced Authentication

AMS (Application Management Services)

AMS (Application Management Services)

AMS (Application Management Services) provide a flexible engagement model so you can focus on what's most important to your business.

Supporting Broadcom enterprise solutions both in the cloud and on-premises, Enterprise Studio experts deliver a wide range of services, from exceptional production support to adoption services, guided by an organization‘s need to get better outcomes and unlock value.

AMS provides an SLA-based service with a maturity model approach and support levels focused on the business outcomes customers need and expect.

  • Flexible engagement model for selecting types of services required to focus on superior customer experience
  • Access to Enterprise Studio Services experts, with unsurpassed knowledge of Broadcom solutions and operation
  • 24h, 24x5, or variable support to address the needs of dynamic IT environments
  • Proactive improvements and enhancements to optimize value and drive broad solution adoption
  • Delivery from a secure facility for the safety of customer‘s critical data and IT assets

Multiple AMS options available. All include monitoring, architectural guidance, upgrades and version currency, premium content library, eLearning and custom content development.

Packaged Solutions

Packaged Solutions

Packaged Solutions are developed, implemented, and supported by Enterprise Studio and provide benefits such as:

  • Delivering new integration
  • Enhancing functionality that provides value to additional audiences
  • Providing industry-specific configurations
  • Augmenting analytic capabilities with powerful report libraries and dashboards

These pre-built components can be deployed and adopted quickly with little disruption to operations or staff.

Additionally, Enterprise Studio can provide built-to-specification packaged solutions to meet unique requirements.

Packaged Solutions add further depth of functionality to the built-in features of many Broadcom products, and require minimal effort to configure and deploy.

Packaged Solutions support industry-standard processes and represent best practices across Enterprise Studio clients.


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