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A network infrastructure revamp is key to successful digital initiatives – from a hyper-connected workplace to enterprise network virtualization, every organizational aspect today is driven by seamless communication channels.

HCL has partnered with Cisco and Ovum to create a thought leadership forum for analysts, stakeholders, and industry experts.

Join us at the Unbox YOUR Network Roundtable for exclusive access to Ovum’s latest research on network trends and opportunities. These key survey insights highlight the necessity of realigning network frameworks with emerging industry demands, as well as unique business priorities.

During these sessions, we will take a close look at the following perspectives:

  • The potential of unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) platforms for revolutionizing connectivity in 21CE workplaces
  • The role of Network automation in driving business agility, with more efficient resource usage and higher ROI
  • The viability of hybrid network architectures that are software-defined and vendor-agnostic, in pushing scalability

We will be in Munich, Frankfurt, and Zurich – hosting an analyst session with Ovum – to discuss their latest study on the enterprise network landscape.

Connect with HCL experts as we outline a strategic digital roadmap – driven by cutting-edge network upgrades. Our capabilities encompass virtualization, automation, real-time connectivity and WAN integration.

The Unbox YOUR Network Roundtable is the perfect opportunity to collaborate and ideate with industry peers, leaders, and potential customers – share your insights and herald the next stage in network evolution.


Special Event Campaign


Special Event Campaign


The evolution of enterprise communications
The modern workplace is witnessing a BYOx revolution – learn why Unified communication & collaboration (UC&C) solutions is a key driver for modern employee communication.
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Network Automation Brochure
21CEs must consolidate virtualized components with internal IT and vendor services – HCL’s NetBOT is an automated, software-driven network solution with cognitive and predictive capabilities.
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Embracing the future with SD WAN
With increasing scalability and bandwidth needs, enterprises must rethink network infrastructure for a software-defined universe – embracing SD WAN with MPLS integration.
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Software Defined Network
We, by using best-in-class industry practices and operational expertise, is adding value to enterprise networks in order to drive efficiency.
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