HCL @ 23rd Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week | HCLTech

HCL @ 23rd Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week


HCLTech Ltd. is excited to be the Thought Leadership Partner for Shared Services Outsourcing Week, March 11th – March 14th, 2019 at 1000 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL. We are pleased to invite you to the Interactive Discussion Group on ‘The Changing Value Proposition of Outsourcing’.

The session would be led by Bhavdeep Singh Sethi, AVP & Solutions Head, RPA, AI, ML & SCM, HCLTech Business Services.  Also, visit HCLTech booth #211 at the event to know how we have helped transform business operations for clients with our automation offerings.

Key Highlights for the Session:

  • Why are organizations investing in BPOs?
  • What new offerings are BPO providers providing their clients?
  • What do contracts look like and how are they changing in today’s intelligent automation heavy space?

Solution Demos


Trade Process Automation for Increased STP Rates in Capital Markets

After a trade is confirmed, the custodian facilitates the comparison of trade between buyer & seller, and then carries out change of ownership and transfer of securities & cash. The input transaction document is in the form of fax for 25% of trades, which prevents STP. Exacto | Trade can process these faxed trades with over 99% accuracy.


Invoice capture and processing in any format

Agility in serving customers and maintaining good relations with vendor partners is the prime need of business. However, paper based invoices processing can severely increase your Accounts Payable cycle, thus looming dark on valuable business relationships. Exacto | Invoice can automate data entry and validation of invoices and quickly route them for approval. Working 24/7 to speed up the Accounts Payable cycle.


Automated cheque processing solution to improve productivity and allow for advanced customer services

Newer technologies have evolved which have been deployed in some countries to enable the extraction of additional information like LAR (Legal Amount Recognition). However, for other fields like payee recognition, payor details, signature verification and additional data elements, processes continue to be manual, time consuming – limiting the ability to banks to offer services to clients keeping in mind both the evolving regulatory and customer needs.

EXACTO | CHEQUE can assist in both improving controls, reducing risks, meet compliance requirements and provide additional services by automating the extraction of information that is not otherwise possible today.

Meet HCLTech @ booth contest

HCLTech offers you an exciting opportunity to experience next gen automation solutions. Participate in our raffle to win surprise gift and much more!

Register to schedule a meeting & drop by our booth at Shared Services Outsourcing Week 2019. We would like to meet to you at the event & discuss about your digital journey, understand your digital initiatives & challenges, and how HCLTech can partner with you to drive business value.

For more information about the event, please reach out to Ranjan Roy, Head of Marketing, HCLTech Business Services at ranjan.ro@hcl.com


Stream – Interactive Discussion Group
Topic: The Changing Value Proposition of Outsourcing
Speaker: Bhavdeep Singh Sethi, AVP & Solutions Head, RPA, AI, ML & SCM (Business Services)
Date/Time: 13th March 2019 @ 10.45 AM
Most of the organization have implemented automation but only few of the companies are able to get maximum ROI and are able to scale up. At this session we would like to share the experiences of different automation models, offerings, how clients are able to scale up their processes, how automation helps for a dramatic improvement in process cycle times and costs.