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Asset intensive companies, whether large or small, are under increasing pressure to optimize the Life Cycle Performance of their asset base to achieve production, safety, and compliance objectives. Organizations need an asset strategy that focuses on asset availability and reliability while at the same time minimizing waste to ensure optimum profitability. Having the right EAM solution implemented in a way that promotes end user buy-in while providing meaningful business metrics can mean the difference between falling short of business objectives and exceeding them.

HCLTech’s vast pool of resources with unrivaled experience and talent in Asset Management Solutioning helps to ensure clients utilize their EAM solution as an enabler so that they get the biggest bang for their investment buck!  HCLTech’s Asset Management Solution, Services, Expertise, Intellectual Capital and HCLTech Products give clients the ability to plan, procure, deliver, and manage more efficiently and improve the reliability, availability, and efficiency of their assets to support core business objectives, ensure a safer workplace, and meet compliance objectives.

The 33rd International Maintenance Conference this year will give you a chance to learn more about HCLTech Asset Management solution (HAMS, powered by Maximo), a 5-step solution that combines system integration, system implementation, system upgrade, system maintenance, and consultative support services in addition to providing the technology know-how for migrating applications to a cloud of choice powered by latest and greatest enterprise version of Maximo software. Our solution answers the question “what should an effective EAM solution do?”.

An effective EAM solution should:

  • Enable an intelligent, responsive, self-healing enterprise asset and workplace management environment for all asset classes across all industries and sectors worldwide
  • Provide deep industry-specific functionality supporting best practice methodologies
  • Operate on open standards with configurable, flexible, operate-anywhere technologies
  • Manage any kind of assets (real property, equipment, mobile assets, IT assets, communication devices, etc.,)

Join HCLTech at Booth No. #199 and discover how HCLTech can assist you catch up with the investments you should have been making, to return productivity growth to its full potential.

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