Intelligent automation (IA) has emerged as a catch-all term for various change agent technologies – such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and smart analytics – that are being deployed individually or in concert to help enterprises around the globe significantly expand the degree of automation of their IT and business processes. IA enables the digital transformation of the ‘heart’ of an organization by offering the ability to fundamentally change how business operations are executed and to develop new business models using hybrid digital and human workforces. But there’s still a gap between rhetoric and reality as evidenced by a notable lack of scaled automation programs with impressive benefits.

Overall the intelligent automation market is scaling – but not fast enough and with far less focus on enabling broad change than is required. Enterprises are investing their budgets and other resources to close the gap between rhetoric and reality. However objectives and aspirations for IA appear to be exponential while execution is quite linear. IA programs managed and governed as IT initiatives within existing organizational frameworks are having trouble scaling. Enterprises that incorporate ongoing change management befitting of a massive cultural and operational shift in how work is done, clear leadership and vision, talent development and reallocation – all executed with speed – are scaling faster and have the best financial performance. The potential for exponential benefits is real, as long as enterprises can scale.

In this upcoming leadership roundtable, we are going to close the gap between IA rhetoric and reality. We’ll discuss the why, what, and how of IA in the context of driving scale and achieving exponential outcomes:

  • What is IA? The Triple-A-Trifecta (automation, AI and smart analytics) and the power of AND, enterprise adoption trends, and emerging use cases.
  • Why is IA relevant? The strategic and operational potential of IA, the journey to the Digital OneOffice and enablement of the Hyperconnected Enterprise, and achieving linear versus exponential outcomes.
  • How can my organization scale IA? The critical adoption and execution challenges, the critical importance of change management, achieving integrated automation, and the cultivation of an enterprise-wide automation mindset.

Join us to hear from experts who are leveraging automation to reinvent their organizations.

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Chairman: Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst at HFS Research
Phil Fersht is a world-renowned analyst, writer and visionary in emerging technologies, intelligent automation and robotic process automation software, digital business services, and the transformation of enterprise operations to drive customer impact and competitive advantage. Fersht coined the terms “The As-a-Service Economy” and the “Digital OneOffice”, which describe HFS Research’s vision for business operations and the impact of cognitive automation and disruptive digital business models. In 2012, he authored the first analyst report on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), introducing this topic to the industry and is widely recognized as the pioneering analyst voice that have driven the evolution of the RPA industry. Read More
Co-Host: Ritesh Jain, Associate Vice President and Head of Automation, HCLTech Business Services
Ritesh Jain heads the Automation at HCLTech Business Services and has over 18 years of IT experience in Technology Leadership, Digital Strategy, Portfolio and Practice Management, Delivery and Overall P&L management. His portfolio includes RPA, BPaaS, Artificial Intelligence based solutions, and next generations digital models for customers. The HCLTech team has created EXACTO solution for AI/ML based document extraction. Ritesh Jain has built teams in areas like Customer Engagement Improvement, Customer Analytics, Robotics Automation, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. He is also a frequent speaker at various industry forums on Intelligent Automation, Shared Services, Analytics, and Robotic Process Automation.
Guest Analyst: Elena Christopher, Research VP, HFS Research
Elena Christopher is Vice President, Industry Research at HfS. Elena is responsible for driving the industry-specific research agenda for HfS – digging into the major trends impacting each in-scope industry and the implications for business process and IT services. She collaborates with her fellow analysts to cultivate the industry angle on major trends such as automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital business models and smart analytics. Elena’s primary coverage areas are High-Tech and Banking. In addition, she drives the industry point of view across all HfS research. Read More