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HCLTech is a Thought Leader sponsor at ACMP - CHG MGMT Global Connect 2022, taking place virtually. Meet our experts at the conference to understand how you can drive agility-led digital transformation, tap into the immense potential of digital consulting, and use agility to create a competitive advantage. The 4-day conference will allow you to stay current on the trends impacting change management globally and the strategies organizations are using to drive change excellence. Hear from innovative enterprises and industry thought leaders to understand the convergence of digital consulting, change management, and digital transformation for profitable business growth.

HCLTech will be hosting a demo session on omni-channel communications for your targeted audience. The session will help you gain actionable insights on how our digital consulting practice can take your business to the next level.

Demo session

Topic - Reach every audience using an omni-channel communication platform

Date & Time: 04:30 PM - 05.00 PM ET, Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Join HCLTech technologies’ Organization Agility team for a discussion on, how we are addressing communication challenges globally by focusing on creating an audience-centric communication for your targeted audience and how you can create a unique, tailored communication experience for your stakeholders.

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Gregg Maslak

Gregg Maslak - Solution Director at HCLTech

Gregg is a skilled change practitioner and has led large Transformation programs for fortune 500 companies in a variety of Industries including Life Sciences and Hi-Tech. Many of Gregg’s programs have included companies in transition as the result of a merger or acquisition. Gregg has led teams as a Transformation Lead, Solutions Architect and Project Manager.

Rey Bouknight

Rey Bouknight - Strategy Director at FirstUp

Rey is a dynamic communications expert and proven engagement strategist with 16 years of experience managing the communications needs of business, government and nonprofit agencies. Rey has led multiple teams help redefine how organizations communicate, including a global entertainment brand with 70,000 employees and statewide communications campaigns and responses to some of Michigan's most complicated and dire public health situations, including COVID-19. Rey’s experience stems from working in several senior leadership roles covering various communications disciplines. The organizations he has served span multiple industries, including tech, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare and public health.

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People fuel transformation. This means true change only happens when impacted workforces are mobilized and engaged during their own transformation. HCLTech Tech’s Organizational Agility practice combines deep expertise in technology enablement, change management, human capital management, agile practices, and experience design to create transformation success stories alongside our clients.

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From Stakeholders to Transformers: Engaging Executives to Drive Success” is a two-part article series that first explores and identifies what makes a transformer, and then provides actionable advice on how to create your own transformers.

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We are digital consulting: Driving transformation at scale
Our digital consultants bring a passion for future thinking alongside practical business savvy. We thrive on challenges that demand complex thinking and a focus on people and process. We are client partners and technologists, strategists and pragmatists, goal setters and customer-minded thinkers. We are HCLTech Tech’s digital consulting.

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