The ability to respond to customer needs in real time is critical for success in this age of digital transformation. Although digital transformation is very much a priority for 73% of the companies surveyed, only 26% believe they are reaping the benefits of digital transformation. HCL’s Digital at Scale model powered by our strong engineering DNA and enabled by our solution accelerators enable our customers to bridge the gap between digital strategy and digital execution.

HCL is Adobe Premier Partner and the ONLY Global service provider with three specializations in Adobe’s Experience Manager, Analytics and Campaign. Meet us at the Adobe Summit and talk to us about your digital journey and how HCL can scale your digital engineering efforts to achieve superior customer experience. It is a great opportunity to understand how our end to end Digital and Marketing Transformation Services and our Digital Technology Footprint will address the technology needs of enterprises on their digital journey.

At the event, we will demonstrate our Digital and Analytics engineering enablers that have helped our customers scale their digital engineering efforts:

  • Experience
    • Design and Social Media Strategy
    • UX Design & Optimization
    • Marketing Operations
  • Platforms powered by HCL’s BrandEx
    • Adobe DevOps and Automation
    • Integrated Commerce
    • Integrated CRM
    • Microsoft Dynamics PowerPacks
  • Insights
    • KPI Studio & Optimization
    • Data Driven Experience
    • Digital Command Center
    • Analytics / Business Optimization
    • Cognitive & AI Services
    • Customer 360 & Predictive
    • Analytics Onboarding/ Governance Framework

To schedule a meeting with our executive and to showcase our demos and solutions, kindly register here.

Solution Showcase

Brandex for Retail : A branded site that focusses on providing context based experience to consumers accessing it from different source points.  The solution addresses the scope from the entire purchase cycle right from researching for a product to purchase decision.

Brandex for High Tech : An engagement platform that concentrates on relationship management as well as deliver customer touchpoint services including collaboration possibilities made possible through focused marketing approaches. A brand site built on AEM that will help increase brand awareness.

Brandex for Airlines : The vertical solution will bring in the industry best practices that will provide a smoother and faster buying process considering industry specific requirements such as loyalty management and Omni channel buying avenues.

Brandex KPI Studio : A solution built on top of Adobe Analytics. It empowers marketers and developers by providing readymade solutions for key tasks performed during and after web analytics implementation - Auditing of analytics data, Monitoring KPIs realtime and data health check.

MAXX HUB - Code and DevOps Automation : It is a complete end to end solution for AEM Environment Provisioning,  AEM Code Automation, DevOps Automation that covers - Code Quality Check, Author Testing, and Visual Testing.