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HCLTech is a Gold sponsor at the AI for Business Summit 2022 to be hosted in Sydney, Australia. Meet our experts at the 4th annual AI for Business Summit and understand how you can drive data-led digital transformation, learn how to adequately tap into the immense potential of data and how to use AI to create a competitive advantage. The Summit will also bring together the applied AI ecosystem, including innovative enterprises, industry thought leaders, independent researchers to unlock the future of AI as a tool for profitable business growth.

HCLTech will be hosting a keynote session and participating in a panel discussion on scaling AI for business and transforming them into intelligent, digital enterprises. These sessions will help you gain actionable insights on reimagining the future of AI-driven enterprise.

Keynote session

Topic - Transforming utilities industry into intelligent, digital enterprises using AI

Date & Time: 2.10 - 2.30 PM AEST, Thursday, March 31, 2022

Join us for our Keynote session with Michael Kirch – Digital Strategy Practice and Customer Experience Director, APAC, HCLTech and Phil Hermsen – Solutions Director, APME, HCLTech share their business-driven insights on scaling digital transformation for intelligent enterprises using AI.

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Michael Kirch

Michael Kirch – Digital Strategy Practice and Customer Experience Director, APAC, HCLTech

Michael is a Digital Strategy Practice and Customer Experience Director, APAC Principal Consultant/Lead with a career in Design of Digital B2C, B2B experiences in APPS, Web and ECOSYSTEMS for over 18 years. Michael specializes in helping organizations develop and innovate end-to-end Business and Customer Experience programs and related service lines. Michael’s teams deliver in the world of fast-paced Business Intelligence, scaled web and apps design, AI/ML and omnichannel product management, and customer service via a fundamental approach of design thinking as it applies to digital activations. This has quickly become the primary tool for business programs evolving with the technical and Agile innovations required by audiences across omnichannel engagements. ‘Learn fast and stay lean’ is the mantra of modern digital business. Michael’s Agile Enterprise and Digital Delivery and Transformation experience brings with its foundations in evolving Organizational Agility, Data cultures, insights, and Outcome-driven user research, anthropology/psychology of digital cultures at scale, platform development, technical leadership, rapid testing, digital project management, agile delivery data and value, user experience innovation strategies, evolving meaningful Data strategies for Digital 3.0 the era of AI/ML.

Phil Hermsen

Phil Hermsen – Solutions Director, APME, HCLTech

A solution and data insight behaviorist/evangelist/strategist; with over 25 years of expertise in applying data science to tackle and solve real-world problems. Experience in multi-verticals including retail, financial service, insurance, government, utilities, and mining. He has applied these skills to solving problems working on the client-side and delivering these solutions whilst working for some of the world's largest consultancies. He has applied these solutions in both B2B and B2C environments. He has led the development and implementation (in the UK, Australia, and the Asia Pacific), for multi-national/regional companies across all the major cloud providers.

Panel discussion

Topic: Addressing the complexities of scaling AI for business profitability and competitive success

Date & Time: 1:00 PM – 1.30 PM AEST, Wednesday, March 30, 2022

We’re excited to be joined by an elite panel at AI for Business Summit, 2022, for the panel discussion with Aruna Pattam, head of AI and Data Science, HCLTech- APAC, alongside other leaders as they explore how enterprises can get up to speed with AI to drive profitable and competitive business value.

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HCLTech speaker: 

Aruna Pattam – Head of AI & Data Science - Asia Pacific & Middle East (APME), HCLTech

Aruna Pattam heads the AI & Data Science practice at HCLTech managing the Asia Pacific and the Middle East region.  Aruna has been recognied recently for her contribution to AI including “AI Global Ambassador 2022” by Swiss Cognitive World-Leading AI Network, “AI Changemaker Leader 2022″ by 3AI a leading AI & Analytics community, “The Most Admired Global Indians 2021” by Passion Vista - Global Magazine. Aruna has spent the last 22+ years delivering analytics platforms, decision support systems & analytics solutions using data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Aruna is a thought leader, speaker, mentor, blogger, vlogger with the goal of educating and providing awareness on AI to the business and the wider community. She regularly shares informative blogs, storytelling videos etc. aimed at demystifying AI and detailing the ever-expanding AI scope for business transformation.

Other panelists:

Dr. Nandita Sharma – Director, Data Science, Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Dr. Artak Amirbekyan – Head of Data, AI, and ML, Transurban

Joanna Gurry – Chief Data Officer & Executive General Manager, NBN Co.

Dr. Rose Skandari – Data Science Manager, ME Bank

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