Automation is no longer an option in the 21st century enterprise. Across industries, it is already driving efficiency, productivity, agility, adaptability and optimization and its value emerges from collaboration between people and technology. HCL believes that the enterprise IT industry is at a major inflection point where every business is being re-imagined and re-wired.

We invite you to the AI and Robotics, THE MAIN EVENT on 14th September, 2017 at Victoria Park Plaza, London. HCL is the Platinum sponsor for this event which offers an opportunity to hear from practitioners, subject matter experts and early adopters from across industry and science. Meet them, challenge them, forge new relationships and grow your AI network. THE MAIN EVENT focuses not only on knowledge transfer but active engagement and interaction.

  • Knowledge Transfer - Morning plenaries and afternoon streamed sessions cover a wide range of topics – and let you choose the ones most relevant for your business.
  • AI in Action - Showcase demonstrations reveal the transformational potential of new AI and robotics applications. Meet the innovators, the developers, the creators and their creations, and see what’s breaking business boundaries right here, right now.
  • Trailblazers - Meet the trailblazing technology businesses that are re-imagining our world and disrupting your industries and providing new growth models.


Shirish Lal
Speaker: Navin Sabharwal, HCL Speaker
Profile: Navin Sabharwal is Chief Architect for DRYiCE Autonomics for HCL. He’s responsible for IP Development & Service Delivery in the Areas of Cloud Computing, Devops, Automation, Autonomics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for IT Ops.
Navin is a thought leader and author and has authored best seller books and research papers on cloud computing, automation & Big Data. Navin holds 2 US patents in the areas of IT operations and Knowledge Management. Navin joined HCL in 1998 and has been a part of several key initiatives for HCL including creation of MTaaS, IP products like MyXalytics, MyCloud, Satori and iAutomate.
We have limited passes that can be availed on first come, first serve basis.

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Shirish Lal
Event: World Summit AI, Gashouder, Amsterdam
Date: 11-12 October, 2017
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