After a stellar outing at The AI Summit, San Francisco edition in September which saw DRYiCE COPA winning the AIconics award for the ‘Best Innovation in RPA’, DRYiCE by HCL Technologies will be participating in the New York edition on 5th & 6th December as an Industry Level Partner.

What is DRYiCE?

DRYiCE – The Enterprise AI Foundation, is Autonomics and Orchestration suite of products and platforms powered by the world’s best AI technology to enable Enterprises to operate leaner, faster & cheaper, while ensuring superior business outcomes in terms of experience, speed and agility. It offers End-to-End automation across IT services, Business services, Business processes & Digital operations. Our cutting–edge autonomics and A.I enabled solutions are supported by an extensive partner ecosystem and with Centers of Excellence across automation, virtual assistants, machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing

Demo Showcase

  1. Smart automation on order processing – End to end automation on order processing leveraging DRYiCE COPA platform
  2. Intelligent provisioning - Interactive and intelligent IT process automation to provision a server on various environments on DRYiCE COPA platform.
  3. Smart IT asset management - End to end automation for Workflow management system to manage the IT Asset on DRYiCE COPA platform.


Making AI work for the 21st Century Enterprise
Speaker: Jegannathan Kannan, AVP at DRYiCE by HCL Technologies
Time : 5th December, 12:20 pm EST
How can you take AI beyond the hype to make sustainable revenues?
Speaker: Jegannathan Kannan, AVP at DRYiCE by HCL Technologies
Time : 6th December, 2:25 pm