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We are a Global Professional Services partner for Appian. By leveraging Appian's transformational platform, we help organizations emerge as a highly successful digital enterprise.

Over the years, HCLTech and Appian have come together to bring about holistic business process management and automation benefits to customers worldwide. This partnership has gained excellent recognition by leading analysts for Digital Process Automation capabilities. The partnership has been instrumental in driving “advise-to-execute” services covering process consulting, low code application development, intelligent business process management, and dynamic case management.

Meet us at the booth no. 222 to discuss how we have partnered with organizations to transform customer experience and business operations with our future-ready intelligent automation suite.

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ADvantage Appian
Our offering under the end-to-end portfolio of Digital Process Automation services, is a set of solutions, implementation frameworks and playbook that accelerate implementation of Appian based solution or platform. For global implementations of Appian, these provide the speed and consistency needed for success.

Domain-intensive, role-based, single-UI platform that works in collaboration with the human workforce in enabling companies to leverage a truly digital workforce.
Reduce cycle time | Automate business processes | Improve business and domain visibility | Orchestrate multi-stakeholder, multi-system execution | Leverage unmatched outcomes | Reduce Cost-risk.

Invoice capture and processing in any format
Agility in serving customers and maintaining good relations with vendor partners is the prime need of businesses. However, paper-based invoices processing can severely increase your Accounts Payable cycle, thus looming dark on valuable business relationships. EXACTO™| Invoice can automate data entry and validation of invoices and quickly route them for approval. Working 24/7 to speed up the Accounts Payable cycle.

Toscana Business Process suite provides a platform for business stakeholders to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation. It manages the complete range of business processes, leveraging advanced tools for content integration, process orchestration, dynamic case management, predictive and on-demand analytics, enterprise mobility and collaboration.

Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP)
Our 360 degree IDMP Platform solution aims to enable Pharmaceutical companies to facilitate the reliable exchange of medicinal product information in a robust and consistent manner. The solution has been designed to allow unambiguous identification of products across regions to improve the robustness of pharmacovigilance and regulatory activities.

Zero Touch
Reduce the overhead of manual & mundane tasks by automating/robotizing the on-boarding process leveraging BPM, RPA & Blockchain and many more. Loan Application Process (BPM & RPA) + KYC (Zero touch) (RPA & Blockchain).

Auto Detection of Fraudulent Claims
Leverages Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics capabilities for Fraud Detection, overcomes the traditional statistics perspective by enabling real time processing.

Last Mile Delivery
Persona driven unified platform that enables seamless collaboration between customers, warehouse manager and delivery agents through process automation.

Leverages modern digital technology to provide a seamless and integrated system that will increase accountability while providing visibility to resolutions and corresponding analytics.

Rapid Deployment Framework
An integrated offering, which enables automated environment provisioning, CI/CD automation, code quality validation, test automation, containerization and framework for adopting best practices intended for platforms based on Appian.


Case Study: Driving digital transformation through Appain-based PaaS solution
With end-to-end capabilities of low code application development, Digital Process Automation (DPA), Intelligent Business Process Management Systems (iBPMS), Dynamic Case Management (DCM), and more, HCLTech and Appian are constantly pushing the boundaries in the space and making orchestrated and optimized process experiences come to life

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Whitepaper: Digitizing insurance operations – With emerging smart architecture
Insurance firms looking to simplify operations while setting themselves up for translucent interaction should reconsider how they are approaching digitization of their value chain. The combination of record- driven, low code leveraging BPM (Appian), robotic process automation (BluePrism) and cognitive technology (Watson) offers next stage efficiency gains in terms of speed, accuracy, transparency, and immediate availability of information.

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Whitepaper: Bolstering a Meaningful Coexistence in the Digital Epoch – Exclusive perspective on digitalCOLLEAGUE by ISG
Automation has become the de-facto technology for several functions within the business process industry. It addresses data entry, data processing on several fronts, as well as data extraction in some cases. Increasingly, automation efforts and investment are largely focused on routine, mundane tasks including transactional, and processing-intensive operations. In this perspective by ISG and HCLTech, the authors share insights on the potential of digitalCOLLEAGUE which elevates the role of the human workforce, and how it transforms the way transactions are processed across business operations.

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