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Recognized for our premium collaboration, HCLTech and Automation Anywhere empower customers to leverage AI-based intelligent automation to enhance business processes. As a Platinum-level partner of Automation Anywhere, our collaboration has enabled complete business process transformation for multiple enterprises through robotic process automation and cognitive technology, making processes lean and agile.

This year, we are excited to launch the HCLTech-Automation Anywhere roundtable: South Africa Chapter.

Our roundtable is a symposium tailored to executives and IT leaders, detailing how intelligent automation is critical to workforce transformation. Join the leaders from across industries as they discuss emerging trends in intelligent automation, the scalability of existing automation platforms and processes with AI and transformation journeys that have made a mark.

Key Insights from Industry Leaders

Automation Anywhere’s Now & Next report 2023 is the sole survey among business leaders to offer a comprehensive view of the current global landscape of intelligent automation. This report delivers unique insights not found elsewhere, delving into how enterprises currently implement, utilize and strategize for intelligent automation — both now and the foreseeable future.


of companies say productivity gains are a desired impact of automation


of respondents say AI is the key to successful automation


of companies are investing in AI/ML in the next 12 months


of companies are already deploying generative AI solutions

Our Exclusive Roundtable

10:00 AM SAST April 23Johannesburg, South Africa

Innovate. Automate. Succeed.

Transforming business outcomes with Automation and AI

Innovate. Automate. Succeed. is an approach that encapsulates the core principle for businesses seeking transformative outcomes, leveraging the fusion of automation and AI technologies.

In this session, you will join experts from HCLTech and Automation Anywhere and discuss how this approach streamlines processes, enhances efficiency and drives success in today's competitive market dynamics. A must-attend discussion for leaders who want to propel their enterprises toward sustainable growth and achievement by harnessing the power of automation and AI !

Featured Perspective

Featured Speakers

Rachit Tayal
Rachit Tayal

Country Head- South Africa

Pankaj Ahuja
Pankaj Ahuja

Global Head – Intelligent Automation Practice

Stephan Gous
Stephan Gous

Regional Manager – Africa, Automation Anywhere

Jonathan Vegh
Jonathan Vegh

Director – Strategic Partnerships, Automation Anywhere