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Event Overview

Join us for an exclusive complimentary "Straight Talk Roundtable" and dinner event  along with our key note speaker, Peter High (Forbes Columnist & Author, “ World Class IT : Why Businesses succeed when IT triumphs” , President, Metis Strategy)  and other key business leaders from prominent Insurance organizations for an evening where we share a few intriguing ideas about:

  • What are the key business priorities beyond core modernization?
  • What are the critical success factors needed to deliver the full transformation vision within a reasonable time-frame and cost effectively?
  • How important is innovation and the use of disruptive technologies to a carrier and how are these technologies being implemented today? e.g. IoT, Big Data, Analytics, AI and Cognitive, Block Chain, APIs
  • How well does the business understand these new technologies?
  • How can business and IT work better together to implement these technologies?

Building on our previous Insurance Straight Talk event, in which we examined the challenges of implementing a core system transformation, this time we will focus on the business and technology consideration and challenges in delivering the full transformation vision.

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