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Expand your horizons with a deep-dive into distributed ledger technology, connected industries, many use-cases and learn the technicalities that you need to up your game with an informative and engaging 3-Day workshop on R3 Corda Blockchain with our partner R3.


Agenda for each day

Eligibility for certification vouchers

Know your trainers

Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma, Solutions Architect, Digital Business, HCLTech

Vikram Sharma is a Solutions Architect for Emerging Technologies and lead the HCLTech Blockchain Labs. He has 15 years of Industry experience and is passionate about using technology to solve business problems and provides solution architecture, design and technology roadmaps to customers globally.

Ranjeet Patel

Ranjeet Patel, Manager, Digital Business, HCLTech

Ranjeet is a management graduate from IIT Kharagpur and works as a senior consultant at HCLTech Blockchain Labs. He is a researcher in the field of blockchain and other emerging technologies. He has been instrumental in advising customers on successful blockchain implementations in domains such as financial services, supply chain, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Peter Li

Peter Li, Sr. Developer Evangelist, R3

Peter Li is a senior member of the R3 Developer Relations team based out of New York City. Peter develops and maintains the developer community for Corda. His responsibilities include contributing to open-source projects to boost the developer experience, working with cloud providers like Microsoft/Amazon, and contributing to Corda core feature enhancements. Prior to joining R3, Peter worked as a blockchain technologist at a Venture Capital firm on Wall Street.

Ashutosh Meher

Ashutosh Meher, Sr. Developer Evangelist, R3

Ashutosh Meher is a Technology Enthusiast, Java Programmer and Blockchain Evangelist. As part of Developer Relations Team at R3 he works towards driving wider adoption of Corda by the developer community worldwide. He is a Java expert and has a background in implementing highly scalable enterprise applications for various clients. He is particularly interested in emerging technologies and has been working on Blockchain for the past 3 years particularly in platforms like Corda, Fabric and Ethereum. With experience of over 9 years in the industry, he has worked with companies like TCS and Sapient prior to joining R3.


Passing the test and claiming your R3 Corda Certification will give you the technical expertise required in our technology driven world today. Displaying this certification on your resume, digital signatures and websites like LinkedIn conveys your skill and experience to recruiters, seniors, and the development community.

  • R3 Corda Developer Certification Exam:

    The exam contains 70 multiple-choice questions. These range from concepts to architecture and development. Developers are expected to have extensive knowledge of the following topics:

    • States
    • Contracts
    • Transactions
    • Flows
    • Corda Nodes
    • Corda Networks
  • R3 Corda Business Professional Certification Exam:

    The exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions. These range from concepts about blockchain technology, distributed ledger technology, Corda architecture, key concepts, and use-cases. The exam is an open book and R3 recommends that test-takers take this exam independently. Professionals who take the exam are expected to have extensive knowledge of the following topics:

    • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology
    • Related cryptographic concepts
    • Corda Architecture
    • Corda Key Concepts
    • Token and Account SDK Fundamentals
    • Use-cases

The exam will not be proctored and can be taken at home. Yes, it will be an open book exam.

Yes, you will get multiple attempts.

  • R3 Corda Developer Certification Exam: $150
  • R3 Corda Business Professional Certification Exam: $150
  • You can avail your voucher to register for the exam for free of cost.

You’ll receive the vouchers after completion of 3 days’ workshop. You can use the voucher to register for R3 Corda Certification exam. Once registered, you will get a week to appear for the certification from your home. It will be an open book certification.

No, you cannot share the voucher with others.

Recordings will be made available to everyone who registers

Yes, anyone who attends all three days i.e., 27th, 28th and 29th will be eligible to receive vouchers for both R3 Corda Business Professional Certification exam and R3 Corda Developer Certification exam.