Cable-Tec Expo 2022 | HCLTech


Cable and Wireline networks are continuously evolving to drive transformation in Enterprises and improve experiences for the consumers. This evolution includes disaggregation and distribution of Cable & Wireline access network elements, DAA (Distributed Access Architecture), Spectrum Management & Reclamation, Node splitting etc.

This network evolution is also enabling convergence of Cable, Wireline and Wireless networks. Standardization of FMC (Fixed Mobile convergence) components such as “5G Wireline AGF (Access Gateway Function)”, N5CW (Non-5G capable WLAN) etc will enable the cable and wireline industry to monetize their existing infrastructure for wireless services and expand their presence.

HCLTech is participating at Cable-Tec Expo 2022 in Philadelphia on September 19-22, 2022; Booth No. 5117. We invite you to join us at our booth for a quick conversation on how we can add value to your enterprise. 

Solutions & Capabilities

HCLTech has been investing in both the competencies and solutions to address this Cable & Wireline industry evolution.

NOX: HCLTech’s NOX (Network Functions Onboarding Exchange) portfolio helps operators and vendors in accelerating Virtualization journey. NOX is a framework with set of solutions & services to help operators & vendors to migrate Cable & Wireline network functions to cloud native infrastructure. For example, this framework can be leveraged in accelerating DAA journey (Distributed Access Architecture).

Enterprise 5G: HCLTech has presence across 10+ verticals and presence across the entire Telecom eco-system. This unique presence helps HCLTech to offer all the services starting from “Consulting” phase to “operations” for Enterprise customers. HCLTech’s capabilities across all the Non-Cellular, Cellular and Wireline technologies enables HCLTech to architect Private networks that address Enterprise needs. For example, for a North American City, HCLTech implemented security surveillance solution based on Non-Cellular connectivity and Edge compute. 

NetworkAssure: HCLTech’s NetworkAssure helps operators and vendors implement Service Assurance solution to improve customer experience. It is a solution accelerator with set of software components that can be integrated with the underlying FCAPS systems of Cable, Wireline and Wireless network elements. Cross-Domain and Cross-Layer correlation of Telemetry helps operators in predicting issues and proactively address issues. This solution can be integrated with CMTS, PON, Wireline and Wireless networks.

Slice Manager: HCLTech’s Slice Manager is a framework and a solution accelerator that helps operators and vendors in the implementation of Slicing in a multi-domain network. This solution interfaces with the underlying Resource orchestrator to instantiate network functions required for a slice. HCLTech has required capabilities in implementing slicing based on 3GPP, IETF and TMF standards.

TURBO: TURBO is an intelligent Test Automation and Assurance Platform suitable for NF Validation/Certification and E2E Network Test automation for Wireless, Wireline and Cable networks. TURBO provides niche value with its Keywords driven, Zero-touch testing, KPI Metrics and AI/ML based Test insights. It caters to Conformance, Certification, E2E and Load testing of Network nodes in CSP, MSO, Enterprise and OEM environments.