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Digital Foundation is the basic building block enterprises need to lay out, before implementing digital technologies and modernization. Hybrid/Multi cloud architectures form the basis of the Digital Foundation that enables customers to meet the agility and scalability required to adhere to ongoing business requirements. Cisco and HCLTech have co-engineered a unique VelocITy Hybrid/Multi cloud blueprint powered by Cisco and leveraging HCLTech’ DRYiCE™ AI OPS service framework.

The VelocITy-C offering addresses many emerging customer use cases such as Sovereign Cloud for federated data requirements, Private and Hybrid-Multi Cloud for regulated industries like Public Sector, Financial Services, Healthcare and Service Provider as a Channel for Enterprise Services. VelocITy-C is driven by intelligent automation across the whole life cycle (Day0/Day1/Day2) to address enterprise requirements of public cloud experience in a private cloud and service catalog-based provisioning of various services across IaaS, PaaS and Multi Cloud orchestration.

VelocITy-C leverages the strength of Cisco’s broad portfolio, including: Cisco Intersight, Full Stack Observability, ACI, SecureX, Tetration, UCS and HyperFlex.

Our accolades

  • Winner of 1st prize in “Cisco Bold Bet Contest” in 2021 (HCLTech presented a Cisco-centric solution on Autonomous DC)

  • Winner of 1st prize in Cisco Global Digital Sustainability Contest in 2022 (HCLTech articulated on a joint-architectural approach around the digital sustainability theme)

HCLTech and Cisco relationship journey

HCLTech and Cisco relationship journey - YouTube

A partnership based on mutual trust is the base of a long-term relationship. Listen to Kalyan Kumar B (KK), our CTO and Head of Ecosystems, and Nick Holden, Vice President, Global Strategic Partner Sales, Cisco, talk about the HCLTech and Cisco relationship journey; a multifaceted 360 partnership of over two decades.


VelocITy-C solution framework

HCLTech’ VelocITy-C use cases

  • Sovereign Cloud for Federated Government Accounts

  • Private Cloud for Regulated Industries Accounts

  • Automation & Orchestration of Hybrid-Multi Cloud

  • Multi-Cloud Observability

  • Intelligent Workload Placement

  • Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)

HCLTech’ VelocITy-C demo showcase

  • IT Infrastructure Automation (IaaS)

  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

  • Full Stack Observability (FSO)

  • My Cloud Chargeback

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Meet HCLTech’ team at Cisco IMPACT FY23

Ravi Hadke

Ravi Hadke

Head – HCLTech Cisco Ecosystem Business Unit at HCLTech

Gayathiri Srinivasan

Gayathiri Srinivasan

Director, HCLTech Cisco Ecosystem Business Unit at HCLTech

Naresh Pisharody

Naresh Pisharody

Sales Director – Cisco Business – UK and EMEA

Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma

Senior Consultant at HCLTech

Siddharth Hardiya

Siddharth Hardiya

Area Sales Director, HCLTech, US and Canada

Biplab Biswas

Biplab Biswas

Associate General Manager, HCLTech, Canada

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