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HCL at CS Week 2022


HCLTech is a Proud Sponsor for CS Week 2022. Come and meet us at booth no: 1133 at Phoenix convention center, Phoenix, AZ

The HCLTech “Utility to Customer (U2C)” model delivers a comprehensive customer engagement platform for this industry requirement.

This model follows a 4-step approach to shape personalized customer experiences and exceeds expectations 

  • Interact
  • Inform
  • Insight
  • Impact

The integrated model works to offer app-based visibility and control seamlessly, manage consumption, and offer real-time guidance in achieving goals, be it a zero-carbon energy future or meeting greenhouse gas emission goals. Moreover, businesses can incentivize consumers to align their choices and behavior to cleaner energy or efficiency goals. With smart meters and smart homes changing what was once a single and linear relationship, companies can leverage the model to build highly engaged and purpose-centric communities and sub communities with the business as a core facilitator.

The energy and utilities industry is poised for rapid and shape-shifting transformation. To ensure business resilience and growth, such a change must prioritize a positive customer experience. The right step in such a direction would be to invest in Customer Experience (CX) models that allow companies to impact entire journeys and not just transactional touchpoints that let deeper engagement and insights slip through the gaps.



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