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Digital Ecosystems in Industry 4.0

Beyond the Horizon

The digital age is firmly upon us and the traditional industries like manufacturing andgenerally, all B2B are being forced to find constantly shifting product market fit. This in addition to competing with emerging digital native. We are witnessing corporate partners and in many cases erstwhile competitors coming together to create interconnected offerings which are continuously proving to be more valuable than a company’s isolated product or service. After all, the true power of the digital lies in the partner ecosystem.

The proxies of the digital world are leading to new collaborations and innovations. One such example is that of “Digital Twins”, which are in fact the fundamental enablers of the digital transformation, especially in the manufacturing industry, both at the product as well as service level. We believe that the ecosystem of partners, which is moving beyond cost optimizations has the capabilities to fuel customer centricity. This will give the best of breed which is paramount for the Digital Transformation journey and conducive to business growth.

Today, we can say that while each company is optimizing and trying to do “more with less”, the digital partner ecosystem will shift the culture to a more practical and scalable approach to of “do more with more”.

This brings us to some unique and significant questions that need to be explored –

  • How digital B2B ecosystems can help traditional manufacturing industries create and protect value
  • How Digital ecosystem are fueling business growth while ensuring customer centricity and partner co-innovation
  • Where are the biggest challenges or inhibitors for building digital operations capabilities?
  • What does digital readiness look like in manufacturing?