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Distributech 2020


HCLTech is a Proud Sponsor for DISTRIBUTECH  2020.

While utilities in general have significantly improved grid reliability, extreme weather events such as storm surges, flood, heat storms, fire, and drought continue to intensify frequency. So utilities, governments, and other stakeholders should build greater resilience to limit and mitigate the customer risks. 

The American power grid comprises over $1 trillion worth of physical assets. Protection of these assets from risks that threaten life, property, and economic activity can be costly. HCLTech addresses the evolution of the electric grid and utilizes solutions that can adapt along the same patterns as that of the grid’s evolution. As most of the changes are happening at the last mile of distribution and often in customer premises or behind the meter, we believe that the ability to adapt at the edge of the grid is critical to enable greater penetration of distributed energy source (DER), customer photovoltaic (PV)/storage and move the needle on decarbonization. We call our approach resilience at the edge.

Meet us at DISTRIBUTECH 2020 to know more about how we deliver greater adaptability at the edge while still interoperating effectively with centralized distribution management solutions including ADMS and DERMS.


Thought provoking session

Topic: Decarbonizing the grid: Resilience at the edge

The electric grid is decentralizing with greater use of distributed resources and bi-directional as well as lateral energy flows. Utilities are implementing solutions like ADMS, DERMS, DRMS, VPPs, DA, internet of things (IoT) along with investing in DERs and Storage. Cheaper sensors, better communications and software power these changes.

But factors beyond technology such as government policies, evolving customer expectations, rising penetration of DERs and the economics of renewable/alternate energy sources play a key role and utilities can’t discount them.

HCLTech’s point of view addresses the evolution of the electric grid and helps utilities reach decarbonization goals through solutions that can adapt along the same patterns along the evolving grid.

Date/Time: January 30, 2020 (Thursday)| 9:30-10:00 AM CT

Location: Knowledge Hub, Booth# 1010, Exhibition floor

Prakash Menon | AVP & Industry Principal - Utilities, HCLTech America Inc.
Sitaram Ramaswamy | Strategic Industry Consultant, HCLTech America Inc.