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Duck Creek Formation18


Partners with Duck Creek, HCLTech is a proud sponsor and exhibitor at Duck Creek Formation18 in Atlanta. At the event, we present our rich culture of innovation – offering an insider’s glance at what defines insurance carrier luminaries in the 21st century.

Our focus is “beyond”  core system transformation which is crucial for the digital era to provide a differentiated user experience and competitive products.We outline how our services can speed up core system implementation and help accelerate the potential gains from your transformation journey. 

At HCLTech, we have identified the key enabler for end-to-end transformation – “Creating digital platforms to modernize applications and engagement landscapes.” 

Our best-in-class system integration services harness the power of Duck Creek solutions. As a result, we help modern insurance carriers achieve their ‘next-gen vision’ by:

  • Expediting deployment using agile, automation, OOTB (Out Of the Box), and fixed-price, guaranteed deliverables
  • Extending enterprise core platforms and portals with the Internet of Things, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Big Data, and Cognitive Analytics 

Break the shackles of legacy systems – and respond to evolving market dynamics with transformative technologies. Drop by our booth at Formation18 to learn more about why innovation is inherent to the HCLTech DNA, and how this impacts our customers.