Duck Creek Formation19 | HCLTech

Duck Creek Formation19


HCLTech is proud to be one of the sponsors this year for the Duckcreek Formation 19 event in Miami, Florida where we are presenting our rich culture of ‘Out of The Box’ innovation that gives a glance into what the future will require to be a leading next-gen insurance carrier.

Every Insurer is reimagining its IT needs and expectations for them to cope up with the changing market needs and current market trends that calls for new capabilities, new ways of working, new mindset. To adapt to this change, HCLTech has reinvented its operating model for Insurers leveraging best practices from its hitech engineering engagements to focus on Agile Optimization, Digital Innovations, AI/cognitive driven solutions. The journey beyond ‘Core System Transformation’ is how insurance organizations leverage disruptive new technologies to provide a differentiated user experience and competitive products.

Join us to discuss the state of the industry and the transformation trends that include critical success factors needed to deliver the full transformation vision, core system implementation fundamentals, and the next steps to your transformation roadmap.

Drop by our booth at Formation 19 to learn more about why Innovation is part of our DNA and what that means to our customers.