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Embracing Multi-Channel Digitalization And Co-Innovation


The financial services industry is in a continuous state of flux – ever-evolving, intuitive and on the edge of the innovation curve. Amid this maelstrom of change, inbound ‘digital disruptive’ movements continue to challenge the bulwark of established business practices. Coming to terms with these revolutionary forces, accepting and assimilating its various elements, is often a near insurmountable task.

This hyper-competitive ecosystem prompts digital, tech and information leaders with a complex responsibility: envision a holistic and multi-faceted transition approach, in-sync with the zeitgeist.

The need of the hour is to action impactful solutions that streamline, digitalize and automate processes, while reducing dependencies and enhancing customer experiences. Finally, it’s imperative for enterprises to consistently foster innovation, ensuring relevance, market differentiation and sustained growth.

This event is architected to address the above landscape - discuss similar impediments on the road to digitalization, impacting day-to-day business scenarios:

  • How would you shape a modern digital ecosystem that adopts dual track Agile and DevOps frameworks for rapid application development, reducing time-to-market?
  •  Can you ramp up your digitalization strategy, beyond traditional web and mobile channels – propelling other extended processes and possibilities?
  • What would ensure smarter digital and customer centricity via a partner ecosystem that co-innovates effectively?
  • How do you nurture a culture of creativity, embracing product design sprints, rapid prototyping and lean startup principles, while maintaining a strong focus on collaboration?

If these questions intrigue you, come join us at our ‘invite-only’, niche event and explore the future of intelligent FS. Connect with us, by adding your details in the form. Our team of experts will evaluate your nomination against a set of initiation criteria, and shortly get in touch with you.