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Engineering the Digital Future


With an ever-increasing penetration of smartphones & payment services, we will witness banks, wallet providers and payment service providers work in tandem to drive financial inclusion. It is very clear that the established players have to become nimble & invest in new technologies/platforms to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving space.

At HCLTech, we apply our engineering & payments expertise to develop new platforms utilizing technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language processing, in turn, engineering a digital financial future.

Join us as at our Booth No 1358 for a talk with our experts on key technology trends, see some path breaking demos while enjoying some hors d'oeuvres.

Demo Showcase

HCLTech BotNext
AI based Intelligent assistant engine which automates tasks and interactions through machine learning & natural language processing. The solution provides a conversational user interface (CUI) that delivers text-based or voice-based information and engage customers via Omni channel- mobile website, messenger platforms, alexa, etc. HCLTech Bot solution can be integrated with leading platforms and smart home devices.
HCLTech Connected Devices Platform
HCLTech’s Mobile IoT Device Platform is a differentiated service that we offer to various Fintech customers through our accelerator- Mobile Connected Device Platform. The platform enables and accelerates payments through mobile. The data communication connector supports BLE, NFC, WIFI and USB channels. The payment engine is integrated with major payment providers and payment gateways. The platform is securely encrypted with data encryption methodologies like RSA, AES256 and AES128.
CoTrust is HCLTech’s Blockchain Platform that enables creation of Network Ecosystems using Blockchain Technology. The Platform is built as a ready-to-use service offering accessible both via its own custom UI, and a secure API layer providing easy integration into our customer’s IT stack. It delivers business specific value to clients and facilitates blockchain solutions covering various industries bringing blockchain enabled business specific value in enterprise scenarios.
Blockchain Settlement Platform
HCLTech’s Block-Chain Settlement platform provides error-prone settlement and reconciliations with tamper-proof immutable data. It will enable the organizations to have real-time visibility into their respective Account balances by leveraging block chain technology ecosystem and HCLTech experience. The solution has been successfully tested for world’s largest money remittance service provider.