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People collaborate in a variety of ways. They also make extensive use of collaboration tools such as IP telephony for voice calling, web and video conferencing, voice mail, mobility, desktop sharing, instant messaging, and presence, among others.

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions integrate various tools and provide a consistent user experience, allowing people to collaborate more successfully. On any device, at any time. They combine real-time communication from your phone system and conference solutions with messaging and chat, and they use APIs to interface with common corporate apps. UCC solutions are a critical business enabler, with remote/hybrid workplaces anticipated to be the new normal in the post-pandemic future. Contact center is specially witnessing a transformation, with several large enterprises accelerating cloud migration and AI-led customer engagement programs.

HCLTech’s unified communications & contact (UCC) center practice has worked extensively with global OEMs as well as large enterprises. We have helped engineer products ranging from UCC Solutions (A/V calls, conferencing, IM/presence/chat), agent desktops, NLP based chatbot solutions, IP-PBXs, as well as audio/video endpoints. Extending from our engineering legacy, we also support customers in building and managing cloud operations for their cloud-native SaaS offerings. HCLTech is deeply engaged with medium/large enterprises in developing contact center applications/integrations, managing contact center operations, as well as leading the migration to a CCaaS/CPaaS based environment.

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HCLTech UCC experience



Solution Accelerators & Frameworks

Cloud native devOps framework

  • Automation to accelerate and ease the deployment and management of microservices application on kubernetes cluster on chosen Cloud Platform.
  • Deployed for meeting solutions and UCaaS platforms.

WebRTC based multi-channel contact center plugin

Delivers an IP based contact center with personalized communication using chat, voice, video, screen share and more in the same session across mobile and desktop platforms.

Voice biometrics enablement framework

  • Solution to leverage existing call recordings database for voice biometrics enablement.
  • Integrated with CCaaS platforms like Twilio, Genesys PureCloud
  • Call transcription and real time sentiment analysis.

UCC test automation framework

  • Single test automation framework for web, desktop and mobile based clients (Windows, iOS, Android and BB).
  • Supports E2E automation with multiple clients, IP phones, call servers, SBCs, switches and cloud services

AI enabled virtual assistant acceleration

  • Voice and chatbot implementation using Google Dialogflow & HCLTech NLU engine for intent identification.
  • Integrated with Genesys PureCloud and Twilio for routing/IVR.
  • Seamlessly transition to a human agent, preserving the enquiry context.