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We are delighted share that HCLTech is a Premier sponsor at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2022. This virtual conference will enable us to showcase our Fluid workplace capabilities and offering through a Solution Provider Session as well as a Roundtable.

Hybrid work today has given digital workplace leaders a glimpse into the future of work tomorrow. At the crossroads, the new work patterns we formed in crisis may become our next normal. Enabling a workplace that is innovative, inclusive, and insightful demands a strategy to adopt and use technology to its full potential. Attendees will rethink how work gets done at Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2022 and forge the path to an employee experience that readies their workforce for the future.

Thought Leadership Sessions

Solution Provider Session

Title: Embracing the essentials of a futuristic and experiential workplace

Date: 18/05/22 | Time: 12:45 CEST

The workplace is going through a transformative and a game-changing period in its history. This transition is a response to the changing needs of the most critical element of an organization - the employees. This session will deliberate upon essential ingredients of creating an all-encompassing futuristic workplace. A modern workplace which is distributed yet engaged, efficient yet compassionate, profitable yet purposeful, and bleeding edge yet inclusive. Attendees will benefit from a concrete actionable 5-step strategy in building such a futuristic workplace.

Moderated Live Roundtable

Title: Workplace Experience, Sustainability & Digital Literacy

Date: 19/05/22 | Time: 12:45 CEST

This session will describe building effective approaches that foster inclusive and sustainable economic growth, including the enablement of enriching and productive work for everyone. Join your peers for a discussion on cultivating an experiential workplace through the confluence of technology, people and culture. Striking a balance between enterprise sustainability and profitability while protecting the safety, health, and welfare of the organization’s most vital resource – its people.

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