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Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, London


A new economy – the Digital economy - has emerged with people, businesses, and things communicating, transacting, and even negotiating with each other. This economy marks the ushering of an era of unprecedented hyper-connectivity that disrupts existing business models, including digitally born businesses. Fast-moving IT trends such as Cloud, IoT, A.I are driving the economy and new laws of Data Protection (like GDPR) are governing it. These new laws will make businesses agile and secure enough to meet consumer demands and meet changing business trends.

As cybersecurity operations transition from a static, predictable cadence to a continually evolving and changing one, CISOs are faced with new risks which can undermine their long-term strategies to build a more trusted & resilient business in a digital economy.

All these factors combined make it necessary for CISOs to assess the current state and define an adaptive & evolving cybersecurity posture for their organizations. Meet us at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, 2019, to learn how you can redefine your cybersecurity posture to mitigate risks which arise from a rapidly changing threat landscape in a digital economy.

HCLTech’s Cybersecurity and GRC Practices offer a full spectrum of enterprise-class services required to enable business transformation initiatives across all verticals and protect the 360-degree landscape of our customers across IT and cyber connected systems.

Solution Provider Session

 Renju Varghese
Renju Varghese

Amit Jain is a Sr. Vice President at HCLTech and part of HCLTech’s Global Cybersecurity Leadership team heading Business Development, Solutions, and Customer Advocacy functions globally. In this role, Amit is responsible for growing the business, driving customer success for HCLTech’s 350 active global Cybersecurity customers. Over his 19+ years of diverse international experience, Amit has led several leadership portfolios within HCLTech growing them to over half a billion US dollars.

He drives special Customer Advocacy programs in Cybersecurity. He has hosted and spoken at several Cybersecurity events, and CISO roundtables across the globe. During his free time, Amit likes to contribute to community social initiatives such as “Food Banks” and “Climate Change.” He is based out of New Jersey, USA.

Inspiring Business Confidence through Dynamic Cybersecurity

Businesses today are starting up and growing in transformational times. In times of differentiated digital-led business models that deliver consumer-driven, on-demand & experience-centric services and products, Business Confidence is the fundamental pillar that all businesses must assess and continuously assure.
To deliver these differentiated digital-led business models, businesses are riding on an IT evolution, building microservices driven applications to co-exist with legacy monoliths, utilizing multiple ‘as a service’ cloud delivery models as the innovation platforms and merging the physical and digital into Phygital - in effect businesses are melding the new with the old IT and evolving their stacks for the future.
Along with this IT evolution, what is necessary is to bring in dynamism in the cyberspace security where only a continuous assessment, proactive transformation and regular assurance driven by a dynamic cybersecurity framework can lead the businesses to securely leverage and operationalize the appropriate set of capabilities to inspire, assess and assure business confidence.
Join Renju Varghese, Fellow & Chief Architect – HCLTech for this session to understand How Dynamic CyberSecurity can inspire business confidence.