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With people, businesses and things communicating, transacting and even negotiating with each other, a new economy has emerged – the digital economy. This economy is ushering in an era of unprecedented hyper connectivity that disrupts existing business models - even businesses which are born digital. It is driven by fast moving IT trends such as cloud, IOT, A.I. and governed by new laws of data protection ( like GDPR) which aim at making businesses agile and secure enough to meet consumer demands and changing business trends.

However, the evolution in the data and technology landscape also means that CISOs are faced with new risks which can undermine their long term strategies to build a more trusted & resilient business in a digital economy.

All these factors combined together make it necessary for CISOs to assess the current state and define an adaptive & evolving cybersecurity posture for their organizations. Meet us at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, 2018 to learn how you can redefine your cybersecurity posture to mitigate risks which arise from a rapidly changing threat landscape in a digital economy.

HCLTech’s Cybersecurity and GRC Practices offer a full spectrum of enterprise class services required to enable business transformation initiatives across all verticals and protect the 360-degree landscape of our customers across IT and Cyber connected systems. To learn more about our Cybersecurity & GRC practice, click here.


Data Protection and Enterprise Risk Management
Data Protection and Enterprise Risk Management

One of the key solutions that we will present at the event will be our GRC capability to identify & control risk in an increasingly digital economy. The opportunities presented by such an economy mean that every digital advancement creates a new scenario of risk and the ability to protect data defines the trust of a customer in the business.
HCLTech is a pioneer in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance. With an established Center of Excellence our seasoned and experienced practitioners provide strategic insights and advisory services to tackle risk and compliance challenges across the enterprise.
Our solution portfolio includes Business domain and Technology expertise, a unique combination which drives a successful GRC program in a digital enterprise. Our experience in various industry verticals coupled with deep domain knowledge has created unmatched solution capabilities that help our clients reduce their risk exposure and improve governance in an increasingly digital landscape.

Security Monitoring, Analytics and Orchestration
Security Monitoring, Analytics and Orchestration

While the digital economy necessitates a paradigm shift in the way cybersecurity and digital risk is tackled, an important pillar of Dynamic Cybersecurity is the continuous security monitoring powered by advanced analytics and assisted by orchestration mechanisms for quick response.
At HCLTech, Our Cyber Security Fusion Centres embrace dynamic cybersecurity to its core through the integrated capabilities of advanced analytics based security monitoring platform intertwined with commercial orchestration platform.
CSFCs provide comprehensive enterprise visibility by analysing the massive number of events, packets, entity and user data that is generated in an enterprise, through our advanced analytics engine in real time. Through comprehensive knowledge and case management solution powering the orchestration workflows, intertwined with the platform, CSFC analysts qualify alerts, develop incidents into knowledge enriched cases and initiate workflow led response to incidents. This integrated workflow based response has led to a significant saving in terms of time to detect & respond. It frees up analysts and engineers to provide augmented support to critical incidents and enable systematic knowledge management.

Application Security
Application Security

Every enterprise’s application landscape is now both business critical and rapidly evolving. Mobile and cloud computing are dramatically changing the manner we do business. Today, the world runs on applications, and, as a result, every company is becoming a software company – regardless of its primary business expertise.
Cyber attackers are increasingly exploiting vulnerabilities in the application layer, making business applications exposed with risk on brand and financial loss. At the same time, the movement toward cloud-based security solutions has reduced the cost of application security. With each breach cost going north, Application security is becoming essential for organizations and as well as adoption of the application security solution process. Early identified vulnerabilities in latest SecDevOps cycle are easy and less costly to fix than which are found later in production or in run phase. HCLTech’s Application Security solutions help security defects and application vulnerabilities by DAST, SAST or IAST application security as a service.
There are a variety of application security technologies available to help with this endeavour, but no one is a silver bullet. Enterprises need to gather insights through multiple analysis techniques along the entire application lifetime to drive down application risk.The end goal for any enterprise should be a mature, robust & dynamic application security program.