According to a recent report by IDC*, some of the key predictions about the Cloudscape in the years to come are:

  • By 2018, the Cloud will be a preferred delivery mechanism for analytics, increasing public data consumption by 150% and paving the way for thousands of new industry applications
  • More than 85% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to MultiCloud architectures by 2018, Driving up the rate and pace of change in IT organizations
  • By 2020, at least 50% of net new IT spending will be Cloud based, shrinking Non-Cloud enterprise applications

This trend is majorly the result of the emergence of the digital economy. The era of unprecedented hyper connectivity and disruptive business models requires the IT organization, of an enterprise, to be agile, lean, adaptable and efficient. These kind of IT organizations have Cloud at their very core.

Meet us at Google Cloud Next 2018 to understand how we can help transform your enterprise into one that is truly cloud native.

To understand the nature of a Cloud Native enterprise, we first need to understand what, we at HCL call, a Cloud State of Mind. An Enterprise acquires a Cloud State of Mind if they view every initiative they take, every business plan they implement, every new market they enter, every product or service they launch and every technology investment that they make through the lens of the Cloud.

Once an enterprise acquires a Cloud State of Mind, it becomes Cloud Native.

At the event, we will have some of the best cloud talent (SMEs), demos of real frameworks and solutions as well as use cases and case studies about our strategic partnership with GCP (Google Cloud Platform) to help you understand how this partnership is the answer to your Cloud ambitions.

Schedule a meeting to find out how HCL can help you Scale next with Google Cloud.

*As per publicly available information  


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