Hannover Messe 2018 | HCLTech


At Hannover Messe this year, we will help you Experience Smart for your enterprise.

The leaders of Industry 4.0 adoption will weave smart experiences across the product ecosystem by accelerating monetization of digital assets created through the digital journey of the product. This will be driven by rewiring the enterprise, enabling maximize value of the data generated at the edge, and supported by weaving a seamless digital thread across the product ecosystem.

In today's context, this transformation is possible when the best in the industry collaborates with your business to create industry leading, path breaking solutions. The strategic aim of these solutions is to help enterprises.

  • Expand possibilities through connected products    
  • Increased visibility through connected services    
  • Improved efficiencies through connected manufacturing

Visit us at booth# C32, Hall 7 to meet our industry leaders and experience smart with our world class solutions.

About Us

HCLTech helps global enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. We are a ‘next-generation’ technology firm, driven by a unique Mode 1-2-3 strategy that not only acts as our roadmap for the future, but also a powerful model for any enterprise looking to thrive in this age of disruption.

HCLTech Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) unit is the number one engineering services provider in India. We enable technology led organizations to go to market with innovative products and solutions. We partner with our customers in building world class products and creating associated solution delivery ecosystems to help bring market leadership. We develop engineering products, solutions and platforms across Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Software, Online, Industrial Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Networking & Telecom, Office Automation, Semiconductor and Servers & Storage for our customers.

IoT WoRKS™, a dedicated IoT business unit of HCLTech, enables organizations to create best–in–class business solutions by maximizing effectiveness and returns on their asset investments. Rated as a global leader in IoT consulting & services by top analysts, our solutions enable IoT led business transformation through creation of more efficient business processes, new revenue streams and business models that deliver measurable business outcomes

Expert Speak

Architecting Monetization, The Next Frontier in Industrie 4.0 Adoption
Hirren Turakhia
Global head of Industrial & Digital Manufacturing
Date: 26th April 2018 | 09:30 AM CET
Location: Hall 8, Stand D17
Currently, B2B enterprises and their ecosystems are tuned to ideate, engineer, produce, sell & service physical goods. Moving to digital goods business requires a different organization structure, an external ecosystem and new business models. This presentation highlights the key tenets for realizing the transition to a 21st century approach:
  • Evolving Roles in B2B Enterprise
  • Growth in B2B Enterprise
  • Redefining Role of Data

Solutions Showcase

GH Rao

Connected products

  • eDat : Modular, Scalable, Extendable and Highly Customizable framework for any electronic device automation testing
  • DFMPro : Design for mfg software, helps engineers identify and correct downstream issues early in the design stage
  • AR based field service support : Augmented Reality solution helping increase the first time fix rate of industrial assets by assisting the Field service support
  • ReServ 2.0 : Helping organizations to remotely monitor, upgrade, calibrate, and manage their devices on the field
  • HCLTech-MindSphere: Solution concept on MindSphere that provides insights on environment factor compliance at all levels while predicting & alerting on potential incidents
GH Rao

Connected manufacturing

  • CAMWorks : An automated intuitive CAM solution designed to maximize machining productivity
  • Glovius : An extensible visualization framework to consume 3D data on any device
  • MES : Complements traditional engg mfg services to achieve digital mfg solutions
  • OEE analytics : Understanding reasons for low productivity and identifying opportunities for OEE improvement from Manufacturing Operations Systems
  • Smart assembly line : Leveraging asset & material movement tracking & automation technologies to improve operational efficiencies on the manufacturing shop floor
GH Rao

Connected services

  • Pangea:  A distributed analytics workbench to get quick and accurate big data insights.
  • ISE : Deploys the power of product intelligence, big data and analytics to ensure product sustenance is efficient, responsive, and cost effective
  • ROST : Improve supply chain performance by leveraging multiple technology levers to improve visibility to “Work in Progress” and “Risk Identification”
  • Cost Engg: Robust value engg framework to lower BOM cost of new/existing product without compromising on functionality and quality