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HCL @ ACS Customer Conference 2019


The 2019 Customer Conference builds upon 40 years of consecutive ACS events and will bring ACS and Indra customers from North and South America together, to discuss and collaborate on the biggest challenges across the industry.

Join the HCLTech Utilities team at the event.

The theme for this year’s event is Digital Transformation. Our industry is undergoing significant changes that Indra and ACS are uniquely positioned for, with the most complete utility OT/IT solutions.

The Annual Conference is a new platform to engage in market and technology trends and how they add value to your day to day operations for Utilities.

HCLTech and INDRA have combined innovations to offer a 'utility-in-a-box' platform, which promises to connect "prosumers" to the Utility, distribute energy resources directly with energy consumers, and enable precise billing. We see this as a catalyst to becoming the 'Utility of the Future'.

To know more, meet team HCLTech at The DeSoto in Savannah, Georgia!

Thought Provoking Session

Empowering utilities of the future 

Oct 2, 2019 (Wednesday) | 2:40 pm – 3:10 pm | Room: Pulaski

It is the vision to become the “Utility of the Future” that drives today’s community and regional energy sector. However, the Utilities industry is facing an unprecedented level of disruption being caused by new technology and cash-rich competitors. Prices of renewables continue to see a downward trend. Introduction of new energy-storage technologies is becoming a more viable option in delivering integrated distributed energy resources capability. Edge computing is enabling capture and analysis of data at the point of generation. Local grid management, weather forecasting, data-driven demand-response strategies, efficient energy storage, and dynamic pricing are shaping the future of utilities and their consumers alike. 

Hence, these Utility players can’t continue to sell only locally generated power to residents directly. Intelligent automation along with the ability to scale-up initiatives have to be the way forward. 

We have been helping utilities develop the most adaptable solutions to fit their unique requirements. The key is a human-centered approach to technology coupled with an Outcome-Based Engagement model.

Attend the session to know how we help utilities - 

  • Become customer-centric digital businesses 
  • Leverage IoT, machine learning, and edge computing 
  • Identify, develop, and implement new business models
  • Control costs and demonstrate value to customers and regulators
  • Transform to a future Utility model, today