With more than three decades of experience in bringing the power of technology to our customers’ businesses – we have had front row seats to the evolution of Cloud Computing from mere virtualization and shared hosting to the current avatar of becoming a technology platform that can power incredible business growth through speed and agility. But the “power” of the cloud is unlocked when Enterprises look beyond the technology – and start viewing Cloud as a strategic lever. The magic that is unleashed when businesses start viewing their strategic imperatives through the lens of the cloud, is evident when one looks at the many “cloud native” companies, which are disrupting markets and industries by innovating at speed and scale. This is what a cloud state-of-mind can doand it begins with Technology and Business Leaders such as you.

HCL is proud to be a gold sponsor at the AWS Re:Invent conference, being held in Las Vegas from the 27th to the 30th of November. We would be delighted to meet you at the event – and introduce you to our full lifecycle cloud native services. We understand that the Cloud represents something different to each individual and each business. Our services are tailored to help you find your best path to a Cloud Footprint that is right for your business. This is why more than a hundred global Enterprises have placed their trust in HCL, as their Cloud consulting, implementation and operations partner; as they traverse their journey of re:invention through the power of the Cloud.

If you are interested to find out more, please fill in the form and schedule a meeting with a Cloud Native Expert at booth #233 at AWS re:Invent 2017!


Topic: Enabling Digital Transformation on AWS for T-Mobile, while maintaining security and compliance
Venue: Venetian Level 1, Expo Hall Day 1 Theater
Speaker: Gopala GK Gaddipati, Principal Architect, T-Mobile

Sanjay Singh, VP Cloud Native Services, HCL

Date/Time : Thursday, Nov 30th 2:30 pm


HCL’s cloud management platform named as MyCloud is a product that provides management of public, private and hybrid cloud environments. MyCloud has incorporated self-service interface, provision system images, blueprints, enable metering and billing, and provide functionality of workload optimization through policies.
HCL’s iAutomate solution is an intelligent process automation solution which brings artificial intelligence and collaboration as key new features into automation domain. It orchestrates the entire lifecycle of the automation from incident inception in Service management layer till incident remediation.
HCL’s DRYiCE LUCY is an AI enabled cognitive conversation broker powered with NLP that automates service desks related and other usual problem solving conversations using cognitive technologies and process automation for agents & end-users leading to faster resolution of queries.
Digital Prizm (DPrizm)
DPrizm is HCL's home-grown patented IP tool, designed and developed to help HCL's customers in 'cloud migration strategy and planning'. It has in-built capabilities to leverage existing frameworks, templates methodologies and logics to assess customer's landscape including applications and infrastructure.