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HCL at Money 2020


The Financial Industry, including electronic payments, banking, insurance and other financial services are transforming at an accelerated pace, thanks to the digital disruption.  New FinTech start-ups are formed every day with new business models powered by new technologies with new consumer engagement touch points to change and challenge existing & established models, disrupting the traditional financial services value chain.  All this is leading to disruptive innovation, insightful intelligence and, unparalleled inclusion, which is altering the way markets work. It is evident that the established players need to transform and become nimble & invest in new technologies/platforms to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving space.

At HCLTech, we apply our engineering expertise combined with decades of domain experience to develop new platforms utilizing technologies like Big Data, AI/ML, Natural Language processing, Blockchain, IoT (Wearables), that are powering the financial services industry today. Our platforms help shrink product development lifecycle and accelerate go-to-market across FinTech, RegTech, InsurTech, Robo Advisory, and other born-digital firms.

Our heritage in technology product and platform engineering places us in a unique position to partner with companies ready to transform themselves to digital.

Next-gen demo showcase @ money2020


AI based Intelligent assistant engine which automates tasks and interactions through machine learning & natural language processing. The solution provides a conversational user interface (CUI) that delivers text-based or voice-based information and engage customers via Omni channel- mobile website, messenger platforms, alexa, etc. HCLTech Bot solution can be integrated with leading platforms and smart home devices.

DryIce I Control

DRYiCE iControl provides an end-to-end view of business process so enterprises know when things are going wrong and what comes next in the flow. By creating meaningful views for both business and IT operations, DRYiCE iControl helps companies respond quickly and effectively.

Customer 360

The Data & Analytics solution framework accelerates the customer analytics  journey of enterprises. It provides a single view of the customer across the enterprise along with predictive insights about the customer such as churn analysis, segmentation, life time value, sentiments and next best offer based on the customer’s demography and transaction behavior.

KYC Blockchain

A decentralised digital identity platform developed on HCLTech Blockchain CoTrust platform that brings individuals, organisations, ID providers, credit bureaus, notaries etc. on the same platform. It allows sharing of end customer KYC information over a decentralized network of financial provider and allows customers to maintain self-sovereignty of data and can control entities and time for sharing of data.

Insurance Analytics

An open architecture based extensible Insurance Analytics Solution that ingests data from various data sources like Guideware and provides Business Insights through Persona based Dashboards and Predictive Analytics on customer churn and claim approvals

Data Market Place

The Big Data Fabric solution aims at catering to heterogeneous data from multiple sources arriving at different velocities and makes it available to consumers. It provides unified interface to cater to all enterprise personas for their data requirements; automates the delivery of data and enables monetization