It is common wisdom among all major industries today that the time for serious source to pay (S2P) optimization is truly here. It is widely agreed that the supply chain accounts for an average of 80% of the typical corporation’s manageable costs, with around 20% untapped savings potential. Never before has there been such a wealth of S2P technology and data available, so readily deployable, and so accessible to companies of all sizes. We are among the majority of procurement transformation professionals who believe that SAP Ariba remains the undisputed leader in this space; providing tailored cloud solutions that can be developed to compliment your existing ERP systems, creating the opportunity for major advancements that can be deployed in rapid timeframes with minimal disruption.

In such an environment, S2P excellence is no longer just about buying the right good or service from the right supplier at the right price. It’s about how you will do that tomorrow, how you will mine your own data to find previously unimagined opportunities, efficiencies and savings, and how you will react when the inevitable mishap occurs. Just as the supply chain is a ripe source of unrealized savings, so it is also a significant source of risk. It takes the right partner and the right sized partner to marry the right tools to your objectives.

For these reasons and more, HCL has forged a close partnership with SAP Ariba to help our clients lead the charge towards a more strategic and sophisticated way of doing procurement. We have staffed our practice with principals that have an average of 15 years experience specializing in global Ariba deployments, with certified technicians and S2P domain experts around the globe.  We have made this investment because the needs of our clients demand, not only our world class domain expertise, but also a high degree of specialization in the leading tools. It is one thing to install a multi-modular solution such as Ariba. It is quite another to know the nuances, to have lived through many years of lessons learned, and to be able to weave all of the threads that the solution provides into a cohesive whole to drive maximum value.

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The HCL edge

Core SAP Ariba Functionality… …with an HCL edge
Supplier Lifecycle Management and Risk Best in class templates,
Process optimization
Strategic Sourcing
Contracts Management Best in class templates, high volume contract migration process with compliance
Procure to Pay Readily deployable workflows, regionalization expertise, invoice scanning and OCR services integrated to Ariba invoicing
Spend Analysis Integration to any source system, custom reports and dashboards
Supporting Services… …by HCL Ariba Specialists
Integration Early adopter of CIG, custom interfaces to any third party system
Data cleansing Tailored to the specific needs of Ariba
Supplier enablement Specialists to augment bulk enablement efforts and catalog implementation

SAP Ariba Brochure

Business benefits of SAP ARIBA solution:
  • Accelerated savings 
  • Engage better with Suppliers
  • Dynamic Discounting 
  • Spend Analysis and Better-informed sourcing decisions 
  • Shorten requisition-to-fulfillment cycles
  • Reduced off-contract “maverick” spending

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