Inforum 2017 | HCLTech

Inforum 2017


HCLTech is proud to be the Gold Sponsor of Inforum 2017 to be held from July 10th to July 12th in New York. Inforum is all about Infor’s customer community and this exclusive sponsorship is our way of appreciating this community.

We invite you to join us at Booth # 111 to maximize the value from your participation and learn how HCLTech has been helping its customers across the globe.

HCLTech is Infor’s Global Alliance Partner, and with over 600 consultants we have one of the largest Infor practices globally. The collaboration is 'catalyzing' the expansion of implementation, development and support services for Infor customers by leveraging HCLTech’s geographic footprint.

HCLTech is Cloud Partner to Infor and has been closely working with Infor on key cloud initiatives such as ‘Lift & Shift’ across the globe. In fact, HCLTech has partnered Infor in onboarding one of the very first customers of this program, and has been actively investing in developing infrastructure & solutions for the same.

Apart from cloud migration, HCLTech’s Infor practice is focused on providing package and platform-led services ranging from blue printing, development, deployment, global rollouts, helpdesk support, to application maintenance in areas such as ERP, HCM, CRM and SCM. It uses a platform-focused approach to provide technology-based business optimization while aligning itself with Infor’s micro vertical strategy across all industries. This practice is uniquely enabled by HCLTech’s experience of providing product engineering services to Infor. This engineering experience facilitates in-depth understanding of products and adds to overall capability of HCLTech’s Infor Practice.

HCLTech always strives to leverage its partner ecosystem and investments in order to drive value for its customers. HCLTech’s Infor Practice is based on the strong relationship between HCLTech and Infor which is nurtured and steered by the senior management of both the organizations.