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It’s an exciting time for innovation on many fronts. Without doubt, 2018 was the year where science fiction became reality. Technological breakthroughs in areas such as AI, VR, AR, Chatbots, and self-driving cars paved the way for higher practical application and adoption, taking many by surprise. In the coming year, we will see tantalizing advancements in a host of emerging technologies—including autonomous things, augmented analytics, digital ethics and privacy, space travel, and genomic editing—that will move further from the fringe into the mainstream. As these technologies begin to converge, we’ll start to see acceleration. Therefore, it is absolutely important to separate hype from reality, and to identify those new technologies that make the most sense.

This brings us to a place where we need to look beyond tomorrow. As technology revolution continues to barrel forward, HCLTech believes 2019 represents a year when strategic ambitions will translate to pragmatic efforts. This rapid convergence of technology, processes, and people, will create a self-sustaining eco-system for 21st century enterprises that would mature to realize value beyond the norm for years to come. Most of the 10+ HCLTech solutions being showcased at Think 2019 are testament to this evolving philosophy for enterprise solutions that bear a similar promise for the future.

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