HCL @ TMG Utility Forum 2019 | HCLTech

HCL @ TMG Utility Forum 2019


The TMG Utility Forum is designed to facilitate collaboration and relationships while helping industry professionals understand the impact of new and innovative technology. This two-day forum includes attendance to sessions with industry leaders and professionals.

The 2019 edition of the forum will facilitate interactive sessions with the focus on collaboration amongst industry professionals discussing:

  • Important industry developments
  • New and emerging business requirements
  • Customer and operational technologies that will best support the business
  • Interactive panels with TMG’s research partners

Meet the HCLTech team at the TMG Utility forum to learn more about how our remote sensing analytics solutions for utilities leverage remotely sensed data to automate their asset management operations!

Thought Provoking Session

AI Driving Innovation for Asset Management

10:45 PM – 11:30 AM | Oct 1, 2019 

HCLTech has partnered with Harris Geospatial Solutions Inc., a subsidiary of Harris Corporation (HRS), to provide an AI-driven, remote sensing data analytics system to address the needs of the utility industry. The system will allow utilities firms to have a more active, controlled view of information through the use of remote sensing systems, which includes unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), manned aircraft, and space-borne data sources. Using a form of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the system will analyze data to automatically assess asset conditions and flow derived insights to critical asset operations such as work management, asset performance monitoring, and geographical information systems (GIS).

Panel Participants: HCLTech and Harris Geospatial Solutions.