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Join HCLTech at HPE Discover 2022, where we will showcase our latest solutions that empower HPE customers.

We look forward to meeting you at our booth, #230 on the show floor. Our team of technical experts will be ready to discuss how HCLTech’ latest innovations can benefit your day-to-day operations.


Reimagining Engineering and Operations through a Digital Lens 

As a trusted partner accelerating the transformation journeys for multiple customers, HCLTech supports its customers in envisioning and building a robust digital engineering foundation. With a carefully crafted set of offerings that encompass the entire value chain, HCLTech Technologies helps its customers create exponential business value by leveraging the power of software, data, connectivity, and new digital technologies.  

Join HCLTech at HPE Discover 2022 where you can get in touch with our experts for cloud engineering, digital platforms, digital commerce, digital manufacturing, data engineering & AI and 5G services & solutions.  


HCLTech EdgeLITy
HCLTech EdgeLITy offers seamless adoption of edge architectures as well as benefits for IoT, ROBO and enterprise workloads. The solution provides an end-to-end platform encompassing best-fit solution stacks combined with HCLTech’s experience and innovative models in operations, security governance, network modernization, and process management. HCLTech EdgeLITy enables enterprises to better manage and derive value from data and other functions managed at edge and ROBO locations.
EdgeLITy is built on the HPE stack, which leverages hybrid cloud functionalities, tools, and features to address data locality, processing, storage, and other edge requirements. Packed with HCLTech IPs to accelerate adoption and support the lifecycle, EdgeLITy helps enterprises achieve agile operations, faster edge deployment, and value realization on the go.

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Powered by HPE Greenlake, HCLTech Utility for Everything (U4X) will make your cloud adoption journey a success.
U4X is an infrastructure pay-per-use service that delivers on-premise IT with an experience akin to a public cloud. To help customers in their hybrid cloud journey, it provides the flexibility to move from an on-prem data center to the cloud.
U4X’s smart consumption model builds a bridge for your enterprise’s cloud strategy, enabling it to conserve cash, improve its balance sheet, and create a true pay-as-you-go hybrid cloud.

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HCLTech TURBO is an AI, SW BOT, and analytics-based automation platform developed to address issues such as the need to decrease OPEX and accelerate time to market for network and service launches. TURBO provides great agility to TSPs by automating all phases of the testing lifecycle. Its end-to-end automated test lifecycle management functions include AI-driven test planning with customizable BOTs, automatic test orchestration and its functionalities, visualization and reporting, and lab management.

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Cloud Bridge Suite
HCLTech’s Cloud Bridge suite provides a range of options, solutions, and expertise customized to align with your organization’s unique transformation to the cloud. Industry experts such as IBM, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud have partnered with us so that businesses can transform on-premise, monolith applications to the cloud quickly and reap the benefits as soon as possible.

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AI.ON (Augmented Intelligence ON) is an AutoML and data science platform for the data analytics cycle. A typical data analytics cycle has several stages, such as data processing, model training, data and model visualization, and deployment, all of which are automated with AI.ON to empower organizations to derive business insights quickly and promote better decision making. AI.ON’s automation also makes ML accessible to all organizations, boosting their productivity and improving scalability.

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