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Humanizing automation at IMAGINE 2022


About IMAGINE 2022

IMAGINE 2022, a flagship event by Automation Anywhere is two days of engaging, educational, and interactive experiences designed for anyone interested in intelligent automation. You’ll hear impactful case studies from customers, inspiring keynotes from executives, and insights from those leading the Automation Economy.


Our Theme

“Humanizing Automation - Orchestrate autonomous processes for enterprises”

The Future of Automation is human-centered. The infusion of the human element into automation technology doesn’t erase or create jobs- it evolves them. Humanizing Automation can build the global standard for human-machine interactions and change the way businesses function. Thus, a collaboration of this magnitude can ensure that the path forward to creating a future has a stronger, more sustained and balanced workforce that benefits all stakeholders.

Reasons not to miss IMAGINE 2022

Driving more than 3000+ in-person attendees every year, IMAGINE 2022 by Automation Anywhere is one of the largest automation events of the year. This is your chance to network, empower and innovate with the leaders in Automation Economy. Also, get first-hand experience of the capabilities and prowess of intelligent automation through innovative success stories and interactive demos.

Some of the focus areas of the event are:

  • Future trends in Automation Economy
  • Innovations in Automation Success platform
  • Way forward for Intelligent Automation and criticality of cloud in the journey
  • Transforming employee experience and customer loyalty
  • Citizen Development & Build-a-bot sessions
  • Impact beyond ROI of process discovery and embedded automation

Our sessions

Session 1: Building Intelligent Workplaces with HCLTech

October 4, 2022 | 9:30 AM – 9:50 AM ET | Convene Convention Center, NYC

Join the theatre demo session and get an opportunity to engage with HCLTech leaders and automation experts as they showcase innovative success stories through interactive product demos and highlight the capabilities and prowess of intelligent automation.

Session 2: Leveraging AI for the next-gen Customer Experience

October 4, 2022 | 12:15 PM – 12:45 PM ET | Hall 1, Convene Convention Centre, NYC

In this roundtable session, witness our Digital Transformation leader share insights on how HCLTech enables its clients to deliver next-generation digital services and further drive transformational programs to meet their business goals.

Featured leader

Michael Kirch

Saurabh Mangla, Associate Vice President – Digital Transformation, Digital Process Operations, HCLTech

Saurabh Mangla is a customer success-oriented business leader with 15+ years of all-around experience driving Customer Experience & Digital Strategy for Fortune 1000 clients. Currently, Saurabh is the global head of the Digital Technology Group and is responsible for leading Digital transformation Programs across multiple industry verticals.

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