Internet of Things World is widely recognised as the global leading IoT ecosystem event series.

With a focus on delivering world class IoT end-user case studies that reveal how enterprises are developing business models, propositions and monetisation strategies with IoT, Internet of Things World provides a unique platform that enables you to progress your IoT journey alongside the entire ecosystem of global brands, tech giants, disruptive players and start-ups.

In this event you will be able to:

  • Hear the most inspirational case studies and dive into deeper technical content on the hottest IoT topics across 5 tracks including: IoT Architecture, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Smart Home, Smart Cities, IoT Data & Analytics, IoT Security, Energy, Environment etc.
  • Listen to C-level speakers from some of the world’s most proactive enterprises adopting wide scale IoT
  • Know how leaders are investing, developing, implementing IoT solutions across multiple industries
  • Understand how blockchain is being scaled across the IoT industry and enterprise
  • Experience award winning and industry leading demos to see IoT applications in real life

We believe, the depth and the breadth of IoT knowledge this event offers will be of immense benefit in planning and scaling up your organization’s IoT journey.

We are a Gold Sponsor at IoT World, Europe. We will be showcasing HCL's best in class solutions and offering from IoT WoRKSTM, our IoT dedicated business unit.

Come join us at our booth #IoT310 from June 14th-15th, 2017 at IoT World, London and achieve IoT led business transformation for your enterprise