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Supercharging Progress in Mexico Since 2008

Access innovative delivery models, increase business and IT alignment and leverage local talent and HCLTech’s vast experiences to supercharge progress with IT services and solutions in Mexico.

Mexico is a strategic location for HCLTech in Latin America. The region’s developing technology and innovation ecosystems, R&D investments, expansion in STEM education and talent and proximity to the US make HCLTech Mexico an epicenter of digital excellence.

Jalisco Talent Land 2024

Talent Land 2024 is one of the biggest talent events in Mexico, connecting talent with top technology companies and experts for professional development. We invite you to meet us in person April 1-4 at booth #DS-4 to learn about HCLTech in Mexico, our culture and how you can be part of a certified Top Employer company.

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6:30 PM (CT) April 2, 2024

Women in IT, Women's Leadership in the Technology Industry

The debate will focus on two key aspects, including the importance of diversity and inclusion in today's world. Secondly, how women can advance their careers in the world of technology. And what are some of the challenges we face as women and how can we overcome them and empower the next generation?

Ana Leticia Orozco Arce
Ana Leticia Orozco Arce

DWP GDC Regional
Delivery Lead

Ivette Roxana Duarte
Ivette Roxana Duarte

Finance Manager

7:30 PM (CT) April 2, 2024

IT labor market trends in Mexico

Focused on the importance of talent in Mexico for the technology industry. We explore the evolution of the job offer for IT professionals, the most in-demand technologies in companies, salary ranges by technical specialties, the key factors to attract and retain the best talent among many other highly relevant data.

Luis Del Rio
Luis Del Rio

HR Head

#HCLTech at Jalisco Talent Land 2024

8:00 AM - 8:00 PM, April 1-4

The largest annual event dedicated to connecting young talent, specialists, companies and governments for the education and development of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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