JDA FocusConnect draws together over 500 supply chain professionals from the retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and logistics industries. At this annual event, you are able to gain an insight into how businesses are using their supply chains to achieve competitive advantage. 

The event will highlight our propositions, solutions around modern supply chain levers such as Design Thinking, Digital Supply Chain, RPA, and IoT.

If you would like to attend the JDA Focus Connect event or if you are already attending and would like to schedule a meeting with HCL's experienced JDA Practice Team at the event please complete the short form to the right and an HCL representative will be in touch. 

Demo Showcase

HCL’s Factory Model for JDA Implementations
HCL's JDA Practice continuously strives to commoditize and reproduce supply chain assets in a 'factory-like model' to bring together a set of structured processes, pre-built templates, test automation, data migration specifications, frameworks and accelerators for its JDA engagements. The model leverages a pre-developed inventory of reusable templates, components, and services that reduce the cost of development and deployment time; thereby enabling our customers to gain an unprecedented return on their JDA investments. 
HCL’s Global JDA Template
The global JDA template leverages a broad set of preconfigured best practices around supply chain business processes including process optimization frameworks, customization areas, code-sets, migration and test scripts to facilitate the faster rollout of JDA modules across multiple entities.
HCL’s Test Factory in a Box™ (TFiB) for JDA Engagements
HCL has developed JDA Test Factory in a Box™ (TFiB), an in-house platform to effectively manage all software testing activities efficiently with transparency and accountability. It is a one-stop platform consisting of a library of JDA test cases. It empowers relevant stakeholders to launch enterprise-wide JDA testing services and provides the visibility and transparency into day to day operations of the test organization through online dashboards