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Retail Organizations are increasingly tapping into the emerging digital technologies such as mobile, social, cloud, and IoT to provide better and more seamless experience to their customers, providers, suppliers, and employees. However, these new technologies come with a newer set of risks, increasing the threat surface. As the digital footprint of organizations increases, so does the touch points or fail points. Preventing theft, damage, and supply chain errors such as inventory spills has long been an unyielding and poorly understood problem for retailers. Longer supply chains, growing product assortments, and labor cuts have contributed to making loss prevention ever more challenging.

Additionally, this advent of new trends in Cloud Technologies, Mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) with the ever evolving threat landscape have completely redefined what enterprises require from their cybersecurity, risk and compliance frameworks. Today, an attack can come from various sources leading to significant financial and reputation repercussions.

However, despite the scale of the problem, just over a third (36.5%) of the retailers as surveyed said they were allocating new resources to loss prevention technology and were unclear how to draw cybersecurity implementations in their business ecosystem. Finding an effective solution is not simple, as retailers face a number of significant challenges, sample as below:

  • High foot traffic – makes it difficult for staff to manually watch everything all the time. Organized groups have also developed ways to distract staff while theft takes place.
  • Technological Mismatch - A lack of technology for advanced customer tracking, occupancy and in-store movement analytics, as well as forecasting for current inventory, results in overstocking losses
  • Retailer Networks & Web Applications - Applications on required systems and consumer facing applications needs to be free from vulnerabilities and strongly secured
  • Data & Privacy - Minimize the risk of cyber-attacks by discovering, monitoring, protecting and managing confidential data where it is stored

HCLTech understands how important each and every data-point is important in the store right from - Retail Entrance counter to Customers Footfall movements to POS Terminal to overall web & digital encounters - and has created a platform of unique products that will enable retailers to stay competitive and make experience for the consumer an enjoyable one.

We at HCLTech are excited to participate in NRF Protect – Retail’s Loss Prevention and Cyber Risk Event. We will be showcasing how Retail Organizations can create a security led shopping experiences for their customers by leveraging industry-leading HCLTech products.

Our Solutions

Loss Prevention

Retail Intelligence and Surveillance Engine (RISE)

Our AI/ML and Data Analytics led framework integrates all the IoT devices the retailer has and enable them with the right amount of data which helps them increase their operational efficiency, reduce loss, improve customer experience leading to more profit per sq. feet.

Intelligent Cold Chain Logistics

With high value shipments being susceptible to mechanical breakdowns, conditional excursions, theft, human errors, and numerous other factors, HCLTech’s IoT driven intelligent cold chain logistics solution addresses supply chain shrinkages and losses using blockchain integration thus fool-proofing the multi-stakeholder freight value chain.

PCI driven POS Security

Our Endpoint protection and encryption solution that facilitates credit/debit card data transmission directly from POS unit to Gateway without hitting the POS device directly, ingrained with POS software scanning for malware detection.

Digital Risk Protection

Our Social Media and Digital Risk Protection Service protects your brands, prevent hacks, and avoid costly compliance violations by using leading threat intelligence tools to detect advanced phishing, email protection and fraud attempts by scanning major social media spaces as well as monitors clear, deep and dark web - monitored by our Cybersecurity Fusion Centre (CSFC).

Application Security On-Demand

Our on-demand application security services (DAST) aims at protecting high value assets and the data within them by  people, process, technology & industry standards, providing ongoing, verified scanning of both internal & public websites.


Retail Intelligence and Surveillance Engine
Retail Intelligence and Surveillance Engine (RISE)
The entire retail industry faces a major challenge in trying to combat internal and external shrinkage. And retail crime continues to be one of the most serious problems facing retailers.
Intelligent Cold Chain Logistics
Intelligent Cold Chain Logistics
HCLTech Cold Chain Logistics Monitoring solution coupled with Blockchain addresses near-real-time visibility gap, while enabling asset/shipment integrity to be maintained.
Digital Risk Protection
Digital Risk Protection
Most of the cyberattacks today are manifested through the weakest link in the chain – humans, through what is called Social Engineering. It is essential to detect such payloads quickly, without impacting business operations.
Application Security On-Demand
Application Security On-Demand
Given the complexity of today’s environment, the traditional approach of securing applications in silos is not an effective way of handling security. We provide multi stage services in protecting your applications.