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About Orchestrate

We are delighted to invite you to Microsoft and HCLTech’s upcoming partnership event: Orchestrate

Orchestrate provides an intimate forum for sharing, learning, and growth for leaders across our $1.7B relationship. Speakers from Microsoft and HCLTech will share real-world experience and perspective on the technologies and business models driving transformation and growth. Our focus is on case studies, insights and strategies in Cloud fueling the advent of Next-Gen technologies.

Orchestrate attendees will:

  • Discover HCLTech’s co-investment program for solutions that manifest accessibility use cases
  • Get inspiration from Microsoft peers sharing their experiences
  • Gain insight from Industry thought leaders on how enterprises are driving accessibility
  • Hear from HCLTech experts about related practice areas and capabilities and learn how Microsoft can leverage HCLTech’s expertise in technologies, tools and solutions
  • Microsoft and HCLTech will conceptualize and co-develop service offerings and solutions designed exclusively for Microsoft resulting in exponential value for Microsoft

This impactful event is by invitation-only. Register now to reserve your seat!

Cloud for the next decade

While the world recovers from the pandemic, the need of the hour is an upheaval from cloud computing to intelligent edge computing.

The computing power of the cloud is virtually limitless. Amalgamating this gigantic power with increasingly connected and perceptive edge technologies, we are together capable of building possibilities that were just a dream decades ago.

This year, our focus is on the 4 key characteristics of cloud that will help shape the future of the next decade:

Edge computing: Edge computing represents the future of a cloud technology extension by making it bulletproof. It has been acclaimed as a ‘new revolutionary technology’ that can change the way organizations use the cloud. This event aims to understand what the key enablers of this technology are and how businesses can utilize them to become more cloud efficient.

Collaboration: Collaboration is the key to cloud innovation. While both developers and security professionals play an important role in optimizing the cloud, it is even more essential they work together to guarantee that any innovation is secure.

Security: The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the migration to cloud applications, thereby witnessing a sharp increase in cyberattacks as well. With work from home becoming the norm, many firms are migrating from old legacy systems to the cloud. Our leaders will discuss how organizations can get multi-cloud systems right and secure.

Adaptive networking: Adaptive networks form an essential part of an organization’s digital transformation journey. Our thought leaders will discuss how corporate strategy can be applied to optimize cost and maximize cloud performance.

Through our flagship event of Orchestrate, we bring to you thought leaders from Microsoft and HCLTech to share their perspectives on emerging cloud opportunities and challenges associated with them.

Key discussion areas:

  • Journey from cloud computing to edge computing to meet real-world demands
  • Data privacy and securitization for better AI models
  • Democratization of platforms for successful collaborations
  • Adaptive networking for intelligent solutions to real-world problems

HCLTech - Microsoft partnership

Key highlights
  • 30+ Year of Engagement
  • 4 Joint Patents with Microsoft
  • HCLTech rated as a top #5 partner for Microsoft
  • Started with 10 member team in 2003 and reached 2200 engineers in 2016
  • One of the few organizations to be premier partner for all Engineering, IT & Infra divisions @ Microsoft
Benefits to the client
  • 25+ products & services accelerated launch through HCLTech’s innovation centers
  • Complete product support, Innovation ideas and patents filed
  • Implemented innovative business models – R&R, Outsourced Model
HCLTech – Microsoft experiences
  • 1.6B USD 360 degree relationship with Microsoft - sell to, sell with & buy from
  • Gold certified partner
  • #1 Channel partner in India for Microsoft devices
  • #1 Engineering partner in Windows & devices group
  • #1 Channel partner in India for Microsoft devices
  • Top #3 in Partners satisfaction
  • $5M invested in setting up facilities & labs for next generation technologies
  • HCLTech recognized for “Innovation and solution leader @Microsoft” by Analysts
Key service lines

Engineering Services

  • Global ISVs & development services
  • Deliver S/W & Product Engineering services to Microsoft – Windows, Servers, Tools, MBS, MS IT, Online, Entertainment business

Infrastructure Services

  • Des Technologies – Win Server, Win 7 / 8, Hyper V, Lync, Office 2013, O365, FIM, SQL, Exchange

Application Services

  • ASIC/FGPA/Board design
  • Verification and validation


1:00 PM – 1:10 PM

Welcome note by Sunil Aggarwal, Senior Vice President, HCLTech

1:05 PM – 1:15 PM

“Cloud for the next decade” by Vijay Anand Guntur, Corporate Vice President, HCLTech

1:15 PM – 1:35 PM

Keynote session on Cloud by Mike Ehrenberg, Chief Technology Officer, Dynamics 365, Microsoft

1:35 PM – 1:50 PM

Demo Showcase - Democratizing Data Analytics for a TSP with AIONTM

1:50 PM – 2:20 PM

Round table discussion on “Transforming from cloud to Core Edge Infrastructure”

2:20 PM – 2:50 PM

DECoDe Demo, 5G use cases

2:50 PM – 3:20 PM

Round table discussion on “Futuristic use cases and applications on top of EDGE Infrastructure”

3:20 PM - 3:30 PM

Closing note by Sanjay Kumar, Associate Vice President, HCLTech


Vijay Anand Guntur

Vijay Anand Guntur

Corporate Vice President, HCLTech
Mike Ehrenberg

Mike Ehrenberg

Chief Technology Officer, Dynamics 365, Microsoft
Sunil Aggarwal

Sunil Aggarwal

Senior Vice President, HCLTech
Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay Kumar

Associate Vice President, HCLTech
Ramprasad G.

Ramprasad G.

Principal Group PM Manager, Microsoft
Pratima Amonkar

Pratima Amonkar

Area Lead, Cloud & AI Business Strategy, Microsoft
Deepak Manohar

Deepak Manohar

Principal Program Manager Lead, Microsoft
Andy Packham

Andy Packham

Chief Architect and Senior Vice President, Microsoft Business Unit, HCLTech
Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker

Chief Executive Officer, Game Cloud Network
Neel Venkataraman

Neel Venkataraman

Director Of Hardware Engineering, Microsoft
Marianne Roling

Marianne Roling

General Manager, Global System Integrators, Microsoft
Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh

Partner, Digital and IT Services, Everest Group

Solutions Showcase

Democratizing data analytics for a TSP with AIONTM
In this demo, we exhibit how a telecom service provider can ensure the service quality of the devices used in their network by leveraging HCLTech’s AION platform for predictive analytics. Apart from having a broad range of pre-built Machine Learning algorithms, the AION platform combines the features of state-of-the-art integration with 100+ data sources, libraries, components & packages and facilitates complete automation of data and model deployment pipelines. This platform transforms how business analysts can experiment with their ideas to achieve new heights.

Building fault detection ML model with AIONTM
This demo will exemplify how HCLTech’s AION platform can help OEMs to predict and classify the faults from the condition monitoring telemetry data of any machine. Flexible training and deployment options of the AION platform enables SMEs to focus on missing domain data without worrying about understanding the nitty-gritty of model deployment. This allows developers to accelerate model deployment & integration and provides a base starting point for data scientists to build upon.

DECoDe solution: Dynamic Ecosystem of Connected Devices
DECoDe is a device management solution to manage, monitor, configure, and troubleshoot IoT devices remotely from a consolidated dashboard – offering a seamless and integrated view of the IoT ecosystem of the enterprise from a single pane of glass. In this demo, we will exhibit how the DECoDe platform dynamically aggregates the PaaS, OEM platforms and protocols, to bridge the data silos and create a unique enterprise device ecosystem.

Real-time manufacturing insights (RMI) powered by EdgeLiTy
RMI powered by EdgeLiTy is a secure, end-to-end, easy to deploy, AI-driven and IoT-led offering that enhance remote operations management capabilities. It is a cloud-ready offering that enables effortless device & platform management, secure connectivity of Edge to Core/Cloud, IT/OT convergence, and powerful actionable IoT-led insights. RMI integrates with existing enterprise systems for seamless data ingestion and leverages predictive maintenance & prescriptive analytics across plants in different geographies, driving real-time visibility to provide crucial insights and decision support at several levels of the management.